Kerrie-Anne's Cancer Shock

Reporter: Clare Brady

Twenty four hours after being diagnosed with breast cancer, Kerrie-Anne Kennerley soldiered on as a guest host on the morning show.

"That's what made this news today even more amazing because seriously she was singing she was dancing, she was running all over the set, she was interacting with the audience, Kerri Anne at her absolute best, let alone someone who had that news, devastating news the day before." Said Larry Emdur

In front of the cameras Kerrie-Anne had everyone bluffed.

Behind this trademark smile there was turmoil.

The day before that show a mammogram, ultra sound and biopsy confirmed the worst...she had a pea size tumour in her right breast.

Always one to love a little was while sewing on a little extra bling on this that Kerrie-Anne noticed the small lump.

Lady Luck is on her side and it's not an aggressive type of cancer but this 58 year old still has a fight on her hands.

Breast Screen Victoria's Vicki Pridmore says she's not alone.

"More than one woman every hour of every day will be diagnosed with breast cancer in Australia. Your chances of being diagnosed with breast cancer are one in nine if you're over 50." Said Vicki

Kerrie Anne told the New Idea her fears...of radiotherapy, loosing her hair and most likely part of her breast.

She told the magazine... "she never thought she was the crying type...but that was wrong."

Ironically Kerrie Anne is a long time patron for a charity helping women with cancer improve their self-image.

"For many women the hardest part about battling breast cancer is seeing their own reflection." Said Kak

Every day in Australia, more than 30 women discover they have breast cancer.

Kerrie Anne has no family history of the disease...

Only a few months ago Kerrie Anne was glowing and boasting about her weight loss with the grueling dancing training and eating well.

Her doctor believes her recent weight loss helped her find the lump early.

Carmello, her dance coach formulated her diet.

"she did lose a lot of weight, and she was feeling better, she had more energy, so I'm just happy that she did find the lump." Said Carmello

Kerrie Annie has been on top of the tv show...

Media commentator Melissa Hoyer said "i was at the morning show the day that she co-hosted (butt) you would not have known, she was there in that studio with her same signature flair (butt) anyone else probably would have called in sick."

Forever the showbiz trouper, Kerrie Anne has postponed her surgery for the Dancing with the Stars grand final this sunday.

"Not even cancer would stand between Kerri Anne and a sequin and that's what we love about her, that's what everybody loves about her." Said Kylie and Larry

Her former dance rival Brendan Fevola said "She's battled a few things over her career and obviously this is the biggest one for her but she's a fighter and she'll come out better on the other end of it."

And her debut dance song is testimony to that.

If you'd like to send a message of support to Kerri-Anne, you can email us your comments, or contact her via Twitter.

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