Jesus Cult

Reporter: Rodney Lohse

He's the self-proclaimed son of God on a national recruiting drive cutting a swathe through the suburbs

"The first moment I said to myself I am Jesus it wasn't really like that it was more of a gradual process over a period of one week." Says AJ

She's the Australian actress who's been cut off from her own daughter, lost to a divisive cult and its leader AJ Miller.

"I started having a period of really strong memories of my first century life as well memories about my spirit life."

AJ Miller and his partner Mary Luck call this 16 hectare property near Kingaroy in Queensland 2 hours west of Brisbane headquarters for their Divine Truth movement a Christian based organisation that sees AJ as it spiritual leader as he is the reincarnation of Jesus Christ and Mary is of course Mary Magdalene.

"I had a first moment of remembering who I was and I became very scared about that so the first moment that happened was with AJ"

The pair who bought this property in 2007 have since been recruiting followers from across Australia

"The truth is I did perform many miracles I healed sight of people who are blind and the so called resurrections from the dead."

And it's not just on this plane that AJ Miller has been sharing his thoughts on spiritual enlightenment he's been very active in the afterlife.

"Plato and Aristotle I met together actually."

Even Gandhi has sought AJ's counsel.

"He had some emotional injuries with regard to how he viewed holiness and sexuality."

It's understood one of his followers here in Australia is the former husband of neighbours actor Kim Valentine.

"Industry insiders are saying Kym's big concern is that her ex-husband is trying to sweep their beloved daughter into the Jesus cult." Says Craig Bennet

Television insider Craig Bennet says the neighbours star has been concerned AJ's divine truth would keep her 8 year old daughter from her after her ex-partner Fabio Tolli joined the group.

"I think her biggest fear is just for the safety and security of her daughter.' Says Craig

It's believed it may have contributed to Kim's health and emotional issues

"You could say, she's hit rock bottom." Says Craig

Already many of AJ's other followers have left their husbands wives and families searching out their true soul mates.. Followers like Igor Shakenhoff who are convinced AJ and Mary will change the world.

He is who he says he is he is a man that changed my life he brought truth into my life and he's the change that the world is waiting for.

On the divine truth website calls for donations are made to help AJ and Mary travel overseas most likely to recruit more followers.

Miller while comparing himself to Jesus has an uncanny likeness and manner to the branch dividian cult leader David Koresh who in 1983 said he too was the son of God before he was killed 10 years later after a 50 day siege outside Waco Texas along with 75 of his followers.

In Australia AJ and Mary's followers learn about their soul and its previous incarnations.. and they're taught how to remember them.

"I feel in a group like millers there's this feeling like I am in a personal relationship with God I talk to God is Mr Miller I talked to him"

Rick Ross is a cult expert and specializes in bringing those who fall victim to self-proclaimed prophets out of their vice like grip

"Ultimately that's a device to exploit them and take advantage of them in my opinion.'

And that is what has many here concerned... with Miller already preaching of an apocalypse next year Wilkesdale outside Kingaroy is the base chosen as God's safe place for a last stand.