Jamie Oliver

Reporter: Rodney Lohse

He's no doubt one of the world's masters of the kitchen conquering the globe as the naked chef. Then he became the cook with a conscience, trying to save the kids of Britain and the US, taking the fat out of the truckshop and turning kids on to healthy alternatives. Well now Jamie Oliver has his sights set Down Under. His goal: to teach us all to cook and eat better one home at a time.

There will be more details on how you can become part of the Ministry of Food closer to its launch date but you can got their website www.thegoodfoundation.com.au

It's food revolution that just about broke Jamie Oliver."It's when I do things that feel right magic happens, I've done some amazing things you know, and that's when I follow my heart and when I never follow my heart I always get it wrong." Jamie says.Criticized, derided, frustrated he was almost driven out of the United States. Oliver was one told "I'm just saying you come into the town and say you're going to change our menus and all that, and I just don't think that you should come in here and tell us what to do, who made you the king?"

And all he's doing is trying to save them from themselves."This stuff goes through you and your family's body every week and I need you to know this going to kill your family early. " In the United Kingdom it's called the Ministry of Food, in the United States a food revolution; Jamie Oliver's campaign to single handedly turn the tide of obesity. The junk food addicted USA came close to chewing Oliver up and spitting him out but undeterred he now wants to save us, starting in November.The Ministry of Food is a community focused program that teaches basic cooking skills to non cooks all over Australia.

Alicia Peardon, the Australian director of Jamie's Ministry of Food project tackling the obesity epidemic here says:"Over 60% of Australian adults and 25% of children are either overweight or obese and Jamie believes that the cooking skills have been lost over the generations and that we need to encourage people to get back into the kitchen and cooking again."In Australia it will consist of teaching centers in every capital and mobile kitchens traveling through the regions.

"So the centers are a 10 weeks course where each week you learn a different dish, it's a one hour session and you learn everything from mains to sides to simple healthy deserts." Says Peardon. But there are some huge hurdles to leap before the first city centre opens and that's to find the staff to teach the cooking classes. "We're currently looking for some resources in particular we're after a food director, a director in food and then once we identify where our location is we are then going to need home economists to come into the centre." Explains Alicia. Alicia says it's not certain where the first centre will open but the Ministry of Food needs support to reach its deadline of being fully operational by the end of next year.

"We encourage everyone to get behind the campaign and get involved in some shape or form. Its certainly going to get people to look at their food choices, it's going to start educating them about their cooking skills." Dietician Julie Gilbert says Australian's do need help in the kitchen if we are to arrest the nations growing waist line. She says "Obesity is not going away, instead it's actually growing and we need to put in some long term measures that are going to help deal with this issue." Her only concerns this is perhaps a publicity machine rather than turning us into good food processors. "But unless there's any long term follow up and something that's sustainable it really is just a novel idea." Adds Julie Gilbert.

And while most of Jamie Oliver projects are usually accompanied by a television show as was the case when he opened his Fifteen restaurant in Melbourne at this stage Ministry of Food Australia is all about getting us to eat better. No TV show to come off the back of this and Jamie is about to have his 4th child in September so he's got no plans to come here in the next 12 months.