Hypno Weightloss

Reporter: Rodney Lohse

Emma Everleigh-Anderton has lived a full life -- well at least she thinks she has. The thirty six year old has done what many find impossible -- lost weight and kept it off by literally thinking herself thin. Using hypnotism to make herself think she had a gastric lap band -- surgery that shrinks the size of your stomach -- she lost 25 kilograms in 6 months "The gastro band surgery is part of a bigger process -- four sessions -- but you go into some quite clinical environment and I don't know how it works - there are sounds, smells and you're led to believe you're in a hospital environment-- so you're mind can be completely relaxed and open into believe you're having the gastric band", Emma said.

The mother of two dropped from a size 18 to a size 8 and is among the first patients to undergo a treatment called Hypnoband Therapy. "When we see food if we see the same amount of food on a big plate as a small plate, if we see it on a small plate and consume the food, we will feel full. If we see it on a big plate we'll still feel hungry and feel as if we have missed out", said Antoine Matarasso, a practicing hypnotherapist and President of the Australian Hypnotherapists Association.

"All of our actions emanate from our thoughts and using hypnotherapy we can begin to think differently so we act differently", Antoine added.

While he cautions hypnotherapy doesn't work for everyone, he says for some it can be an extremely effective way to lose weight "No pain, no anaesthetic, no long recuperation time. You get up out of the chair feeling absolutely great afterwards and that's the start of a really good weightloss process", Emma said.

Emma underwent four sessions costing $1,700 Australian dollars and the way Emma looks at food changed -- she now eats healthier and smaller portions. "I jog and that's all part of the process -- to get motivated, to get out there, get fit. But it's effortless -- I eat less and I'm less hungry, its fantastic", Emma said.Using hypnotherapy to reprogram the brain isn't new. Hypnotherapists have successfully weened smokers off cigarettes; gamblers off the punt and even been used to enhance fertility. What is new is the use of hypnosis to replicate the outcomes of actual medical surgery.

Alan Patching is one of the first practicing this alternate treatment in Australia. He says used in conjunction with IVF, overseas studies show it could even double your chances of falling pregnant. Melbourne's Jodie Fergusson-Batte thanks a combination of hypnotherapy and IVF for her baby boy, Jasper. She not only used it to conceive, but during birth, to keep her calm. "After a long time of not being successful, you start building up a bit of baggage about it, so its really letting go that past baggage and just learning to relax deep breath and visualise positive outcomes", Jodie said.

"IVF is going to cost 8 or 9,000 whereas our full program -- which is 12 sessions -- is around 1,800 to 2,000 and if your doubling your chances that's not a bad insurance policy", Alan said."In a sense you have nothing to lose -- its non invasive and doctors will encourage people to try everything they can before surgery", Antoine said.

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