Reporter: Rodney Lohse

If you had heeded Australian Property Investor Magazine Deputy Editor, Vanessa De Groot's advice 12 months ago, you would be well on your way to being a millionaire.

And Vanessa says it's not too late. Assembling some of Australia's best real estate minds, they've picked out the next 100 property hot spots to fire, starting with Queensland.

"Gladstone is definitely a stand out and also Toowoomba", Vanessa said.

Both will do well from gas projects and mining, but it's not all mining towns on the list. Sydney is recovering well. "New South Wales, the west of Sydney is always quite a growth area and so a lot of areas were picked out that way, in particular Blacktown", Vanessa said.

In the country, Bathurst and overall New South Wales is the hottest state. "New South Wales had basically the most locations in the Hot 100, it had 29 locations and Victoria had 23", Vanessa said.

There, beachside suburbs like St Kilda and Frankston set to grow strongly. In South Australia ugly ducklings Elizabeth and Christies Beach are predicted to become swan suburbs.

Western Australia, which has been hit hardest by post boom blues, even has room to move. "Perth has quite a few suburbs in the Hot 100. Two of those are Double View and Scarborough and they're beach side suburbs", Vanessa said.

The Northern Territory failed to make the list this year and Tasmania scraped in with just one mention. "The only suburb that was picked in Tasmania was Moonah and that's in Hobart", Vanessa said.

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