Hi Jinx

Reporter: Cassie Silver

Four voices, one amazing sound.

They're called Hi Jinx the acapella quartet from Perth who don't miss a beat.

The key to their success training, friendship and laughter.

And different they are Lindsey's a theatre nurse, Kirstin, a graphic designer, Bec owns her own singing school and Jo's a web designer and runs a music business.

They're competing in the World Championships in the US in October going in with a winning reputation.

Their goal to become acapella queens.

More about Hi Jinx; http://hi-jinx.vocalquartet.com/

Concert Details

Hi Jinx will be performing a concert on the 24th August at Perth Modern School.

Tickets are $20 via Try Booking.

For tickets to the Hi Jinx show click on the link below: