Head Lice

Reporter: Paul Makin

Parents are spending a lot of time these days nit picking. One things for sure head lice are better dead than alive. "If we lined up all the children in Australia today a third one of them would probably have head lice"

That's why mum Melissa Barrett decided to brew up a head lice killing concoction at home after her daughter Madddie kept coming come from school with nits. "We really need to have some new innovative solutions for head lice if we're going to be able to control them

"and to make "hit nitz for six" She took a trip back in time. "The key ingredient in ours is wormwood, in medieval times as far back as medieval times which is recordable they used it in bed chambers for fleas and bed bugs"

So the backyard testing began, 'when we were in the testing faze we obviously had to harvest from children and then we had the issue that we had to keep them alive" They even allowed the little bloodsuckers to feast on the family.

All in the name of research, "'feed them every ..once an hour for fifteen minutes on our arm to keep them alive and keep them in perfect condition for testing "and the end result according to Melissa was remarkable.

"we didn't get them back so for a whole week at school it was the first week we'd been lice free and so for me. I'm a nurse so primary health care is the most important think prevention and i was just amazed i could just spray this stuff in her hair and it didn't come back"

So why is wormwood working?

"Wormwood isn't found in any other commercially available products that we can find anywhere in the world, so they haven't been exposed to wormwood so they haven't had the opportunity to build up resistance"

"You have to make sure the child has dry hair and you just put it in your hand and you rub it into their hair and it's just like conditioner and you have to make sure you put it in double the thickness. So someone who's got really long hair like Maddie has you would use this whole bottle"

"Thoroughly coating the hair. You have to make sure it really really coated most important you do not use a comb"

"and that's it. You leave it for four hours and then you just pop them in the shower and rinse it down"

This is followed up with a daily protective spray sort of an aeroguard for kids hair. "each morning when your child does their hair and brushes their teeth you literally just get the spray. I usually put Maddi's hair up and I'll just spray"

'concentrating behind the ears and the nape of the neck because that's where head lice like to hang out And that's it"

Now Melissa's lotions and sprays are going under the microscope. Dr Craig Williams from the school of pharmacy at the university of Adelaide is a "bug" expert and although his research is going to be done without fear or favour. He hopes this newest offering really does work. "There is a real problem with insecticide resistance in pest insects and that includes with head lice so if someone can bring in a new active ingredient into the market place which is safe and effective this is a good thing" Melissa is then hoping the world will beat a path to her door.

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