Reporter: Frank Pangallo

It may be the stunning news baldies the world-over have been waiting for. Peter says "what's happening is the scalp is growing these tiny little hairs growing through here and this short canopy of hair that's coming through here is the hair that we've managed to regenerate with the treatments"

Adelaide trichologist Peter Francis may have found the answer to the age-old problem medically known as androgenic alopecia. Which affects one in four women..and three out of four men, using a serum he's developed from pure plant stem cells. "Then we infuse in to the scalp plant stem cell solutions they're made from varying plants and we mix those with traditional Chinese herbs and medicinal plant extracts but all in a pure plant serum we don't use any chemical load at all, no preservatives. So effectively we are supplying the scalp with nutrition and then we pulse it with an oxygen type of pump so we combine nutrition, oxygen and circulation which is effectively what tapers as you get older on your scalp"

Peter's secret forumla is made in european laboratory where sophisticted new scientific technology is used to extract and produce powerful concentrations of a plant's active ingredients. "We get much more rapid results with females than we do with males because of the hormonal differences. Men are a little more challenging but we don't fail we haven't failed yet with any male thinning.

Margaret Kyrkou, a medical practicioner has been treated for female pattern baldness by peter for several years. "Basically the top of my scalp my hair was thinning but i also had very fine hair so the bit of breeze and my hair would look as though i never put a brush near it for a year" Margaret spoke about her problem on today tonight eight years ago but has achieved spectacular results in the six months she's been using Peter's serum. "Within about 2 to 3 wks I was starting to notice little hairs coming up and they just kept growing and then more and more hairs are coming."

Peter says "and it's not just the hair on margaret's head where she was thin and balding it's also the other hair all over her head that has improved in density and condition because we're putting so much nutrition back in to her scalp"

Peter only uses organic shampoos, he says avoid shampoos sold in hair salons and supermarkets many contain chemicals which are quickly absorbed by the body through the thin layer of skin on the scalp.

Peter says "effectively modern shampoos are all loaded with biocide we call it preservative because it sounds nice, preservative's a nice word but it's actually a biocide it has the potential to kill living organisms and living tissue and therefore on a daily basis, or bi-daily basis applying these products gives the toxic load to the scalp that the body has to get rid of first before bit create a viable scalp skin"

Promient adelaide hair surgeon Dr. George Kerry remains to be convinced by Peter Francis' serum and thinks it might be premature to hail it's success without a proper scientific evidence. "In my experience I haven't seen any results that have been positive but you can get anything lotions potions anything irritant that may stimulate hair out of its dormant phase and you'll get a lot of people claiming they've found a cure baldness."

Dr. Kerry's technique is to implant existing hair to bald areas. "It regrows and then from then on it goes through it's natural life cycle and that hair you can comb it perm it die it do whatever you like. It's the only known way of putting hair backwhere nothing exists." he's also sceptical about products like these laser therapy hair combs. "There's no scientific or clinical evidence of these combs working. If there is no clinical or scientific evidence then many claims can be made then it's up to the individual as to whether they believe those claims or not"

Dr. Kerry also has concerns about drugs prescribed to stimulate hair growth like minoxodyl and finasteride which is now the subject of a serious health warning from american doctors that has largely been ignored here.

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