Greatest Giveaways

Reporter: Jackie Quist

Five years ago Gabby Leibovich started online selling from his lounge room. Now his warehouse in huge - he says it could fit eight A380 aeroplanes.

On track to deliver a quarter of a billion dollars in revenue this financial year, the discount king wants to share the spoils. "We've got two amazing deals that we'll be selling at half price -- the i-Pod Nano 8 gig and a product that every girl in Australia wants, the GHD hair styler", Gabby said.

The i-Pod normally up to $149, tomorrow is just $89; the styler retailing at $269 is a catch for $139. "Normally we have one deal a day that starts at midday but to celebrate our birthday there will be a single deal every hour", Gaby said.

It doesn't come cheaper than this and with Christmas just two months away, this year you can put presents under your tree for absolutely nothing. "We have lots of free giveaways, 100's and 1000's we're giving away on the hour every hour, starting at midday", Gabby said.

Tomorrow Fisher Price Little People Farm is free; Belkin i-Pad covers, Telstra cordless phones, Sony headphones and Razor Sole skates will be free, as will baby sleeping capsules. "Top brands, great items and all you have to do is pay us one cent shipping", Gabby said.

"The Leibovich brothers are very savvy and I think this is a very clever marketing ploy on their behalf", said Business Review Weekly Magazine's Jessica Gardiner.

Jessica says they read the play and are reaping mammoth rewards. "They really saw what was happening with the group buying phase or craze overseas in America. What they also did was register a domain name and that made it very difficult for the big American player Groupon to come out here. They have that 'first mover' advantage but they also had a defensive play which has really set them up for success", Jessica added.

"We have over 1.5 million members right now and believe it or not 4,000 new members join us every day; currently we sell an item every 3 seconds online, which are unbelievable stats", Gabby said.

And now with over 1,000 suppliers, Gabby argues we need never pay full retail price again. As for tomorrow's swag of freebies - "There are no strings attached. We make money 364 days of the year and it's your turn to enjoy it", Gabby said.

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