Get Well Molly

Reporter: Jonathan Creek

He's the man in the Hat, the guru of music. He's met stars and he's made them.

"People are just so shocked and they are all praying for him as we are and the hope that he will make a full recovery." Says close friend Daryl Somers

Now the industry he's worked so hard to build is rallying around him hoping, praying he pulls through

"Total shock when I heard and it's a shock to everybody in Australia because Molly is one of those guys who is a part of show biz, he is a part of sport he is a part of life. When you think about it you have the Kangaroo, the Emu, koala and Molly. Just seems to be one of those icons that we all love so much ."

Still in Melbourne's Alfred Hospital in a coma following surgery to reduce swelling on his brain, Stars are lining up to offer their support

But there's a side to Molly that only those close to him know, 12 year old Taylor Horrower learnt about it first-hand.

After her terminally ill little brother Mitchell lost his fight, Molly stepped up kick starting Taylor's fundraising campaign."He's really nice and I thought it was so nice of him to go out of his way to do a lovely painting for me."

Now that Molly needs help Taylor hasn't forgotten. "If you're watching Molly I wish you a very merry Christmas and I hope you recover before then so you can celebrate with your family and friends."

On the rise singing sensation Bobby Andonov , a contestant on Australia's got talent is another. On assignment for Today Tonight Molly used his contacts to introduce Bobby to Usher.

It's a moment Bobby will never forget, thanks to Molly. "He has supported me a lot through meeting Usher to sending me songs from A-list writers." News of Meldrum's accident has triggered an out pouring of support from around the world it was even trending on social media network Twitter as the news spread around the world. "I just would like to think that they would be praying as hard as they can for him because I think he needs it."

TV Funny man, Now Talk back radio Host Steve Vizard was only speaking to Molly on air yesterday. "If the collective goodwill of a nation could fix a person he'll be fixed tomorrow because everyone's thinking of him."

Friend and Socialite Maria Vennutti has known Molly for 30 years. She says he was still coming to terms with losing a close friend suddenly only last weekend. "Molly, I'm lighting this candle for you from the whole of Australia, we love you and we have not stopped praying for you and we will continue to do so until you're better."

Music industry manager Glenn Wheatley is another left stunned by the accident he judges Molly to be the single most important ambassador local music acts have in getting their names around the world. "Molly is an institution there is no doubt about that the hat goes everywhere he has just become a part of our folk law."

Celebrity commentator Craig Bennett says Molly is truly one of the Entertainment industries Mr Nice Guys. "Molly Meldrum is a living national treasure, that's how special he is."

And from all of us here at Network Seven Molly our thoughts too are with you.

If you would to offer words of support send us a message for Molly.