Gangnam Lights

Reporter: Cassie Silver

Christmas is almost upon us and it's going Gangnam Style. We've seen the talking Santa's and the moving reindeer.

Now a Christmas craze out of the ordinary.

Kym Illman has been working on his choreographed creation for weeks...

"this week we had 4 of us out there for three full days and its probably a 200 hr man job setting up the whole thing thats without programming the songs that one took me about 60 hours and the second will be about 30"

It's a musical masterpiece like no other, every bulb and globe is timed per second to Psy's hit Gangnam Style.

Kym says "I did a little count this morning and there's over 41,000 individual globes, theres some 2000 channels as i said before you have to program every channel and tell it what to do at every stage during say a 3 minute song" Kym says his light shows are like art projects.. and anyone with the time, imagination and spirit can do it.

"It's just a matter of colours in a box, and watch what it does that didn't work try something new look you don't need to be a rocket scientist you just need a lot of time up your sleeve and a williness to get it right"

Kym's Churchlands home will light up Gangnam Style at dusk every Sunday to Thursday during December.

"The one thing that this does is it brings all these people from this area out at night they walk down to our place, they stand acrros the road and they watch these lights.. any other time fo the year you dont see them you dont hear from there but this brings people out of their homes"

Kym's display is also lighting up the lives of some very special people

. "Over the years ive collected more than $92,000 for PMH, Shane Warne foundation.. this year we are looking after some community sports projects"

So if you've seen the snow, and the santa's.. this year celebrate with Psy.

Details for the Gangnam Light display.

5 Bishop Riley Way, Churchlands

It begins in December

Watch the Facebook page "World Best Christmas Lights" for updates