Reporter: Tineka Everaardt

Creepy crawlies invading your bed, old pillows harbouring nasty bacteria and micro-organisms. We'll reveal how you can swap your old pillow for a fresh new one -- for free.

But first, Microbiologist Heike Kemp believes it's time for a wakeup call. "A third of the weight for example can be full of dust might faeces. An old pillow will accumulate dust mites, micro-organisms and mainly mould", Dr Kemp said.

She says it could leave you reaching for the snooze button. "Swelling of the eyes in the morning and feeling tired -- people just think that is because of a bad night's sleep, but you can just bring that down to symptoms coming from your pillow".

And not changing your pillow regularly could spark serious health concerns. "Fatigue to chronic fatigue, skin rashes, eye, nose and throat irritations, upper respiratory problems, sometimes subsequently asthma", Dr Kemp said.

Eight year old Oliver Spalding suffers asthma attacks. Mum Olivia didn't think changing his pillow could make such a big difference. "I noticed an immediate change in Ollie", she said.

Doctor Kemp says kids are the most likely to suffer. "It's even more important to keep kid's pillows cleaner, because their immune systems are not fully developed", she said.

It's time to air Australia's dirty laundry and it's pretty gross. According to Galaxy research, most of us keep our pillows for more than six years -- ignoring the condition they're in. "85% of Australians still have dirt and stains on their pillows", said Adam Heathcote, Manager for pillow manufacturer Tontine.

He says they've got a solution "Tontine introduced a freshness date stamp to remind people to change their pillow", he said.

And in another marketing masterstroke, for the month of October, Tontine is offering a huge pillow giveaway. The company will give you a brand new pillow in exchange for your old one. "These will be in regions across Australia, for a limited time and while stocks last", Adam said.

So here are the rules to keeping a healthy pillow:

When washing chose hot water over cold

Wash every couple of months

Vacuum or beat your pillow

And air it outside.

For details on how to get that free pillow visit the website: or or phone 1800 630 034