Foot Ailments

Reporter: Frank Pangallo

Trish Holmes has paid a painful price for her choice of footwear and years working on her feet in retail. "As a teenager I wore the wrong shoes heels and pointy toes was right in my era and that was the worst thing for a bunion joint of which I partly inherited anyway my grandparents all had them so part of it's inherited then bad fashion footwear and working in retail on your feet it's a killer!"

After trying all sorts of remedies without success, trish's life changed when she consulted podiatrist Melanie Clarke. "People tend to ignore their feet why?" I think what happens is people have problems and they don't know how to deal with them they don't know what to do about it and also they're so far away from the rest of the body so they tend to be ignored."

Melanie Clark deals with lots of unhappy feet many of the problems she sees are caused by poor choice of shoes. "First of all should be looking for a shoe that actually fits your foot so when you try a shoe on there shouldn't be pressure on your toes and there shouldn't be pressure around the heel and other areas." Clearly strutting around in shoes like these can't be good for you Melanie showed us some examples of what to buy and what to avoid.

Walking shoe

"This is what I'd call a good shoe for walking and also for people that have got bunions it does have a good stretchable area to allow room so that it takes the pressure off of that bunion and stops the rubbing"

Men's shoe

"Men's shoe here this is a full leather lined shoe which is great for breathability so it's great to address those issues with fungal infections and poor foot hygiene"

Ballet flat

"This is an example of a bad shoe frank the actual shoe it's quite a popular style for a lot of younger people. The foot itself has to work really hard to hang on to the shoe as opposed to one of these others that the shoe holds on to the foot"

High stappy heel

"And of course a beautiful shoe here but unfortunately it's going to cause a lot of issues with ball of the foot pain, all of the body's weight is put through the ball of the foot and there's hardly any cushioning in the shoe"

Another problem ignored by many because they are out of sight and out of mind are toe nails which become discolored because of fungal infections. Podiatrist Marco Mangano says it affects 15 per cent of the population and 90 per cent of the elderly population and can have serious health implications. Here's what Bruce Dunlop's toenail looked like before seeing marco mangano about the problem. There are few if any reliable treatments for it that is until Marco gave bruce a new medically-proven solution called Emtrix nail revive here's the result after just six weeks.

Emtrix is sold over the counter at pharmcies thorugh magdy eskander's oz health company. He says unlike other medicinal treatments his product comes with no side effects.

There are also many products to treat ailments like warts, bunions, tinea and cracked heels Melanie Clark says you should seek professional advice before using them. "Anyone that's suffering from any health conditions such as diabetes or frail skin or sensitive skin needs to seek professional advice before using any of these products especially some of the products that have got chemicals in them because they can injure the surrounding skin as well"

Further Details

Emtrix is available at Pharmacies and some Podiatrists clinics for stockists or information please call:

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