Food Recall

Reporter: David Richardson

Glass, metal, nails, cockroaches, cigarette butts, and even spiders.

Nationally one food item is recalled every week.

Our biggest supermarkets are being forced to pull them from their shelves because of the hidden nasties lurking in the food.

If caught selling recalled products they could face fines of up to half a million dollars.

Today, Woolworths recalled Enrico's and Sara Lee's range of pizzas, pastas and lasagnes from shelves, because of metals and wire found inside.

Horrified doesn't come close to describing how Melissa Palatucci felt when she opened a $1.99 pre-packaged baby rocket salad bought from ALDI.

"Well I was just opening it to wash it and as I was opening it the spider sort of just fell out.

"And I was quite astounded by it actually. I was really shocked," said Melissa.

It was a Trapdoor spider in her salad; it had been sitting in Melissa's fridge for five days.

ALDI Assure us they have apologised to the Palatucci's and have removed that batch of rocket salad from their shelves.

Food Microbiologist, Glenn Pinna from Biotech Labs, says it is worrying.

"We're really worried more about warm blooded animals. Mince, that sort of organism will carry the type of bacteria that will make us sick."

Matt Ravina got much more than he paid for when he found three pieces of metal, one of them four centimetres long, in a loaf of bread.

"I'm not sure if the kids ate the metal at all, that's probably the hardest thing about it.

My wife got some in hers, there was some in the rest of the loaf and being multi-grain bread, I'm not just sure if the kids ate it thinking it was seeds," said Matt.