Flat Pack Homes

Reporter: Neil Doorley

They're calling it the future of housing, but it's already here.

If you've got the land, and the paperwork's approved - this one bedroom house can be built in just two days.

I think it's great value when you look at what you'd pay for an upmarket caravan, they're fantastic value.

It'll set you back 40 thousand dollars and if it looks like a shipping container, well.

"How wide is it?" Asked Neil

"It's 2.4 metres wide" Said Rob

"Same width of a shipping container?" Asked Neil

"Same width of a standard shipping container so it can be shipped at an affordable price." Said Rob

Jim Dickson is managing director of Nova-Deko, the Brisbane-based company building the modular homes in their Chinese factory.

"We've got capability to produce 20 a month, over the next couple of months make 30 a month, next 12 months around a 100 a month.

Flat pack homes put the pieces on a truck and we can build it anywhere.

Rob Vis is Managing Director of Sips Industries which produces light weight panels that can slash the building time for high rises, businesses and houses.

Rather than waiting many many months or up to a year or two for larger builds we can erect the homes from a week onwards for standard single storey.

The panels cost about the same as building with brick.

Price is always important so we had to ensure that Sips hit the price point that the current industry or housing industry works in today.

But the real savings come once the house is finished.

The main benefit is the ongoing cost or the utility cost for the home, reduced heating and air-conditioning bills which account for up to half the energy costs for a house.

You're saving 50 per cent per annum on your energy bills.

Bondor's Geoff Marsden talking up the benefits of his insul-living home, which goes from slab to lock-up in just 10 days.

"You're expecting a traditional house to cost around 200 thousand dollars, the insul-living type product will be in the order of 160 -180 thousand dollars.

The key component is the pre-fabricated panelling which gives it an 8 star energy rating.

It's a traditional sort of technology that over the past 50 years has been used in cool rooms, and freezers.

Innovation in design, innovation in construction, innovation in delivery are the key factors that many people are working on right today.

Brian Stewart from the urban developers' institute of Australia says that innovation must be affordable.

Without that young people don't have a hope so what we do have to do is drive real efficiency into the way that we're building. You don't want to see a housing site sitting for two weeks with nothing happening on it.

With land and accommodation at a premium, especially in mining communities smaller, cheaper houses fit the bill.

People don't want the dongas of yesterday people do want good quality well built, insulated , sustainable and effective accommodation.

Opening up the market for houses which take less time and money to build .

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InsulLiving www.insulliving.com.au