Flabby Arms

Reporter: Lucy Polkinghorne

When it comes to fighting the flab it's the dreaded tuck shop arms aka bingo wings that tops the 'to tone' list for summer.

But Adelaide's yummy mummy and fitness guru Sarah Thornton has a gravity defying solution "It does take some work to lose the bingo wings the first thing you have to do is get onto the cardio, get rid of the excess body fat, and then start to do muscle tone with weights"

Jennifer Aniston and Michelle Obama are pin ups for their perfectly toned tricep proving age is no longer an excuse. And these Adelaide mums like 43 year old Joanna Cheetham are on a campaign to confidently bare their biceps by summer.

"Here's eight exercises that I would recommend to get those toned arms by Christmas"

"Push ups are probably the number one excersise to do to tone your arms they are excellent, there are two types of push ups id recommend a narrow push up which are working our triceps at the back"

"The second push up would be a wide pushup, instead of having our hands narrow we are using them wide."

And to burn the bingo wings, "Tricep dips are so good for your arms toning your ticeps and things called bingo wings, that flabby piece of fat, the first thing you want to do is really get into those triceps to tone them straight away"

The tricep extension, another muscle sculpter. "We get the weight, put it behind our head and just drop it and bring it up, make sure those elbows are nice and close" And if you are still not feeling the heat. "We lean over at an angle, make sure the only thing that moves is your forearm, you should feel that immediately right in your tricep"

On the flip side, "our bicep is this muscle right here so, we grab some weights, have our arms next to our body and we just curl up and down nice and slowly"

"Chantel you are ferociously pumping some iron there what is it that you want to achieve?

Ah it's good to tone up my arms since losing some weight.

I guess before you lost that weight, 9kgs, what was it about your arms you didn't like?

Before I would wear longer sleeved tshirts just to keep them covered, but now im happy to wear a singlet and looking forward to summer

"happy to show off the great guns"

"oh yes"

"I'll let you get back to it"

And don't forget those all important shoulders, "An upright row is working our shoulders and our arms, so what we want to do is pull our weights together and pull our arms up, we want to lead with our elbows first"

Lastly the shoulder press. "We just bring our weights up here make sure your arms are parallel to your shoulders and we just press up and down, make sure your elbows don't come lower than your shoulders"

15 repetitions of each exercise repeating the full set four times is sarahs flab fighting forumla for success but it's not all about resistance training.

"Number one would be cardio, the reason we get bingo wings is because we have an excess amount of fat so the number one would be to do cardio everyday for 30 to 40 minutes as much as you can" The benefits will be felt skin deep. "I actually feel really good and so much more motivated and confident, feel really good"