Fit 50

Reporter: Mark Gibson

Three community leaders as you've never seen them before..They're fit.. Fabulous.. And fifty. Trevor Nisbett has been the West Coast Eagles boss for eleven years.."In season it's basically 7 days a week which is unusual but it's a big job." Stressful too.."You could never experience what we went through with our off-field dramas in 2007, that was the most stressful time that I think we all had as administrators at the club." This season, it's the on-field performance providing headaches. No-one likes to watch their team lose week after week, especially when they're the C.E.O. "So this year is about our product and now we're able to focus on our football team it is challenging, but that's all it is, it's certainly not stressful, it's challenging." Away from the job, the 53 year old is committed to keeping fit, setting aside one hour every day.

"I'm up early and jog in the mornings and sometimes in the afternoon if I don't get a chance, I've got early morning meetings, but I exercise every day (10) and ensure that I keep active so that I keep my mind sharp and I enjoy it that way." As a father of three, Nisbett says all families should find the time for exercise. "I think it's essential in everyone's life, if you're not used to jogging or cycling or doing something walking's probably the least you can do and there's a lot of walkers who are very fit people."

You'd be hard pressed to find someone busier than Lisa Scaffidi. "Every day would easily be from 8am til at least 8pm if not later it can be 6 days a week, 7 days a week." Our first female Lord Mayor was elected nearly three years ago.. she turned the big 50 this year. Early morning duties, night-time functions, business trips.. all in a day's work. "You know midnight flights, arriving somewhere at 6 o'clock in the morning, having to shower, change and be off to an appointment, it's not glamorous if people think that they need to come with me, Mark you need to come on a trip with me next time so you can see how busy it is." When she's not working, Scaffidi admits you're more likely to find her curled up on the couch than sweating it out at the gym. "I have never been an exercise person, even at school I used to get a note from my Mum to get out of sports classes." She believes her fast-paced job keeps her looking and feeling young. "I would say that I have a good metabolism, I do watch what I eat, I try to eat healthily and I'm not a big drinker." The Lord Mayor brushes off those who knock her, or our city. Rain, hail or shine she's out there promoting Perth. "I think in the next 5, 10, 15 years there are going to be some amazing changes that will really bring Perth to a special point in its time."

High flying lawyer John Hammond turned 50 last month.. and he's not that thrilled about it. "Well I was a little bit depressed at first because I've always hankered to be young and I've always loved youth." When he's not fighting out high profile court cases, the legal eagle is pacing the sand at North Cottesloe beach.. or working out at his local gym. "I come from a family which has a history of fairly high blood pressure and sometimes I've done the wrong things in terms of not taking the right steps to reduce it but lately I have stepped up my exercise and tried to eat a lot better. So that I hopefully will keep going for another couple of decades." Hammond says hitting the half century has its benefits.."I think you do become more adept at your profession."

But he believes striking a work/life balance is vital. "Law is a particularly challenging occupation, both physically and mentally and I think it is important that anyone who is involved in the profession takes regular holidays knows how to have a laugh and also exercises." With no signs of slowing down, our high-achieving trio is planning life's next chapter.

Trevor Nisbett says "The business is a young man's business these days and I certainly can't see myself going on forever in the hurly burly of running an AFL club, it's a tough business but I'd still like to stay in it for as long as I can."Lisa Scaffidi says "Being Lord Mayor is obviously a great honour and a big part of my life at this time but I won't be the Lord Mayor of Perth forever, I have a very strong view that you don't hang around in these roles for a long time so yeah, I still have some personal challenges." John Hammond says "I think you're learning things all the time and you always like to think no matter what that your age is that you're in the prime of your life."

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