Fat Melt

Reporter: Madeleine Kennard

Some hail it as the miracle machine - shrinking waistlines, shaving centimetres from unwanted fatty areas, It's 50 times faster. No surgery and no down time.

Bernadette martins gained 30 kilos during pregnancy most went with exercise but this area is proving stubborn.

"I have looked into certain procedures I don't like anything invasive because i am quite scared of that but i have looked into non-invasive treatment but they are quite expensive." Says Bernadette

She's trialling this new treatment, hoping to target areas immune to exercise. But is it doing anything more than make Bernadette relaxed?

Plastic surgeon Dr Jeremy hunt has his doubts but cosmetic surgeon Ron Bezic says results speak for themselves.

"It does well in areas like the knees the calves the ankles the back the arms anywhere really between your neck down to your ankles."

The med contour machine uses ultrasound technology to stimulate and eventually breakdown fat cells.

Dr Bezic is one of the first to introduce the machine to Australia.

"The machine operates at a very high frequency up to fifty times faster than other machines so you get much more aggressive fat destruction." Says Ron

Helen confirms the doctors claims "I have had six children and i used to go to the gym five to six days a week and i couldn't budge that bottom area of weight or tighten the skin and having the mdi contour is started to work in the first session i had."

Helen Russell lost 8cms around her stomach area after one two hour treatment - she's now had four which cost her $2,500.

Dr Hunt concedes clinical studies support ultrasound technology but often they're paid for by companies selling the machines so negative outcomes never see the light of day.

"They have no substantiated evidence that this machine is faster. There is no evidence that it is revolutionising the treatment of fat these are all marketing terms used to sell a new machine." Says Jeremy

The only evidence Bernadette cares about is what's before her eyes. After two treatments she's lost 4 and a half centimetres around her back.

"I am not a sceptic any more I really believe it works because i have got the results to prove it."