Fat Melt

Reporter: Laura Sparkes

It's the high-tech, cutting edge creation from some of Europe's top scientists, five years in the making.

Costing millions in research and development, it's a machine called Exilis - that literally melts the fat away.

Using radiofrequency and ultrasound waves everything melts away.

The muffin top, tuckshop arms, love handles and unsightly fat that just won't move no matter how much you exercise or diet.

The unique machine was created by Tomas Boleslavsky from medical company, BTL.

"Inside this big box there's generators which are generating the energy which is transmitted through that hose into the handpiece this handpiece generates the heat into the body of the patient at the same time its cooling the skin to protect any burning or over heating sensation," said Tomas.

And the machine has a secondary use; it stimulates collagen fibres to tighten up around the face.

26-year-old Florentina Polyviou and 29-year-old Rosey Anderson are two of the first in the country to put the machine to the test.

Both of them exercise regularly, but have stubborn areas of fat they just can't move.

Plastic surgeon Dr Michael Miroshnik offers the machine at his practice because of its versatility; it can treat multiple areas around the body in one sitting.

"There have been a lot of machines that deliver the waves but it just doesn't penetrate deep enough to heat up the fat in question," Dr Miroshnik said.

Exilis heats the fat to between 40 and 42 degrees, the temperature needed to dissolve the fat cells and the fat is then flushed out of the body.

"Firstly it melts the fat away and that's important obviously, but secondly, it also tightens the skin and that is what makes a difference and gives you a result," said Dr Miroshnik.

Dr Alan Barclay from Dieticians Association of Australia believes there's only way to lose the fatty deposits.

"The best way is to have a good quality healthy diet and to be regularly physically active so that's five days a week you need to do at least half an hour an hour of exercise each day," Dr Barclay said.

But Florentina is happy; four weeks on after 4 treatments she's seeing results.

She's lost 5 centimetres around the circumference of her upper thigh region and 2.5 centimetres around her waist.

"I feel tighter on my thighs, I feel tighter on my stomach.

My stomach is flatter. I was surprised because I was sceptical at first thinking is it going to work, but the results are there," Florentina said.

Rosey Anderson lost 4.5 centimetres around her waist and another 4 centimetres off her hips.

"It's just really given me that hourglass again that I haven't seen my body look like this in year, so no more muffin top," Rosey said.

Rosey had four treatments each on her hips and waist and it cost her nearly $1400 but she says it's worth it; she's dropped a dress size.

"It's not cheap but the value lies in the fact that it's so quick and I didn't have to do much to get the result that I wanted," Rosey said.

Website information

Exilis is available at www.drmiroshnik.com.au or (02) 9363 2693

For more information on Exilis go to www.device.com.au/exilis