Fat Freeze

Reporter: Laura Sparkes

"It selectively kills off the fat. It's a weird thing to freeze fat cells but hey it beats getting into an operation, no cutting no bleeding" says Dr Ajaka. "The science behind it is very sound" adds Dr Fleming. Freezing Fat! Sounds a bit farfetched, unrealistic, but it's the latest innovation from two Harvard University professors. It's called Cool Sculpting. It's very real and it appears to work. No exercise or diet required. "I lost 1.5cms around my waist" tells Gert. "I lost about 3cms" says Chris.

The brand new technology has been available for 7 months in Europe and the United States, and there are many happy testimonials, like Chris Feynons "Normally I wear a 40 now I wear a 38 no problem" he says.

Now its hit our shores. Kate Allen is the lucky first patient. It takes one hour each application. For Kate, she wants to target her tummy "You can do as many sit ups as you like and its very hard to move the tummy fat" she says. "I've always had issues with my stomach it's abnormally shaped I heard about the treatment and I thought I'd give it a go."

Cosmetic surgeon Dr Daniel Fleming from Brisbane's Cosmetic Surgery Institute of Australia is excited about the technology. "We've always been able to get rid of fat with liposuction but patients want a less invasive way of doing it, they don't need to have surgery, they don't need to have time off" The concept comes from old research the Harvard professors who also invented laser hair removal stumbled across. "Babies who'd been given ice pops to suck on lost the fat in their cheeks. Somebody put two and two together and realized it was the cold effect that was doing this" explains Dr Flemings.

Dr Joseph Ajaka from Sydney's Cosmos Clinic is testing it out on his first patient, mother of two Michelle Smith. She's targeting her tummy. "So the cold air comes out of there onto the stomach, and then freezes the fat cells?" "It reduces the temperature of the fat so the cells are killed and the skin stays intact"says Dr Ajaka. "It's not painful" says Michelle. "You feel the pressure when your skin is sucked into the applicator but I'm quite surprised I thought there'd be more pain involved but there's not"Michelle's hopes? "I can wear a fitted top and you don't have that area bulging out"

"It's not for overweight people, it's not a replacement for liposuction, there's no drastic changes" warns Dr Ajaka. It's not cheap, whit each use of this applicator costing $600 to $1000, but the side effects are minimal. "There's some temporary redness and temporary numbness in the area and you might get a little bit of bruising but other than that its a walk in, walk out procedure with no down time, it's very very safe" says Dr Ajaka.

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