Face Talk

Reporter: Natalie Bonjolo

Let's face it; we'd all love better service, better prices. Tracey says "so often out there in retail sales, it's like a war, between the salespeople and the consumer" So, what if the secret weapon was as plain as the eyes, lips or nose on a salesperson's face?

"What we do is face mapping" Diana, Tracey and Yvette read facial features, "it's being able to look at somebody's face at their facial features things like the nose forehead the lips which are an indication of a persons personality and behaviour" It's a method usually used by salespeople on you, now, its payback. Tracey says "what were gonna do now is flip that on it's head, so that customers have the same advantage, and read the sales persons face to get what they want"

To show how it's done we took them to Kitchen Headquarters to read the faces of four sales staff including veteran retailer Rick Hart. We'll reveal the face that'll give you the best deal but first, let's see what the world's number one face mappers say about these famous features.

Tracey says "Tom Cruise for example he's got this big bump on his nose, he doesn't want too waste his time, because for him time is money"

As for Angelina Jolie's big lips, "full top lip, speaks very verbally and expresses herself her feelings, that big bottom lip, spontaneously generous"

The fold of skin over Russel Crowes eyelids? Yvette says "that means he's very analytical, he needs all the reasons to justify everything"

And Nicole Kidman's high forehead? Diana says "Nicole has a straight up and down forehead, which means that she really loves that step by step process and if any details are left out, confusion happens"

So, now you get the gist, let's look at Denham, Vicky and Aaron who Yvette notices has exposed eyelids. So if you don't want the sales waffle, look for eyelids like Aarons. But if you want the A to Z look for folds of skin over the lids, like Russel Crowe. Tell me about Vicky's face? "Vicky has a forehead that goes straight up and down. So if you want somebody that's going to give you step by step logical progression when you're finding out about a product, then Vicky is absolutely your girl"

So, for thorough customer service look for a forehead like Vicky's. But, if you just want the bottom line then, "Denham is the man" his sloping back forehead means he'll cut to the chase. and if you want a bargain, "he's also go this big bottom lip that means he is spontaneously generous" A big bottom lip and you'll get a bargain. Tracey says "a bigger swirl on your ice cream, find the sales person with a bigger bottom lip"

And if you want to get really nosey, Tracey says "Rick's nose has a scoop in it and what this tells me is Rick really values personal service. Is that what you do value? That is my values to a T" So for personal service look for a scoop nose like Ricks.Well Rick and his team reckon they're on the money but if YOU'RE still not sold the face mappers suggest you hit the shops and see for yourself.

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