Eye Treatment

Reporter: Laura Sparks

Tonight the latest...revolutionary...eye procedure...turning back the ageing process...making old eyes new again.

Its called KAMRA inlay...Just 3.8 mm in diameter... the device is inserted into the cornea of the eye...and mimics the depth of field principle used in photographic cameras....making words that WERE blurry...clear again...Refractive and Cataract surgeon Dr Kerrie Meades

"This is what we put in this little inlay here _ this tiny black thing _ yes it creates a pinhole effect if you want to simulate how it works if you look through this little pinhole you will find it focuses the light for you it cuts out the out of ray focuses." Said Dr Meades

Dr Meades is one of the first three doctors in the country about to use KAMRA...

"It's all done under local anaesthetic just a few drops - I think it's going to improve Australians eyesight." Said Dr Meades

Its such a quick procedure ...just 10 minutes in the chair and within 24 to 48 hours you can throw your glasses away.

Refractive surgeon Dr Patrick Versace explains patients retain their distance vision because the device is only inserted into ONE eye.

"The beauty of it is it doesn't impact the distant vision so were able to give increased depth of focus, means extra close vision without negatively impacting the distance vision. Its not changing the focusing on the eye, its working through small aperture optics, putting it in one eye, the patients can still use both eyes together in balance but they have an increased depth of focus and the brain over a period of time up to 12 months learns how to use this visula system." Said Dr Versace

But the strange sensation of having one eye only to read with... hasn't bothered 53 year olds Scott and Kathleen Hyslop

"It retrains the other eye and you don't notice it at all you don't ever close one eye to read you have both eyes open and you just read as normal." Said Scott

The couple had the procedure done 18 months ago.

"After the operation and pretty much the next day, we didn't need to wear the glasses at all, I work on a computer everyday and I was relying on them all the time to focus and I didn't need them at all when I went back to work the next day." Said Kathleen

60 year old Nola Winks had great satisfaction in throwing her glasses out and says "I can see everything now I can see the computer, I can read books I don't have to keep on taking my glasses on and off." Said Nola

Her life is now much brighter after getting the device just one week ago!

"It was worth every penny, I was spending a lot of money on glasses and I think its one fo the best things anyone could have done." Said Nola

KAMRA inlay costs about 4000 dollars...Californian Heather Ready has had Kamra in her left eye for a few years.

"I feel liberated I feel like I have my natural vision back, I can see far, I can see near, it feels very effortless, i don't have to worry about putting something my eye, I don't have to worry about taking glasses with me everywhere I go." Said Heather

Refractive and cataract surgeon Dr Paul Hughes believes the KAMRA inlay device is only suited to patients with perfect distance vision....He chooses to use refractive lens exchange...the ageing lens in the eye is replaced with a new artificial one.

"The lens restores their distance vision, their near vision and if they've got a stigmatism it corrects that as well so yes we're restoring their youth." Said Dr Hughes

While this procedure is non-reversible...the KAMRA device can be taken out if the patient dislikes it

"Its been through a number of trials around the world and the safety has been demonstrated and the efficacy has been demonstrated so overall its now fully approved in Australia and safe to use." Said Dr Huges



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