Reporter: Sally Obermeder

It's the newest push up bra that offers immediate lift and instant enhancement without the surgery.The bras and things "extreme cleavage bra" features new in built technology that's unlike the push up bra's of old.Stylist and Bra expert Stav Hortis says "the new technology is all about the padding. Normally the padding would be underneath the bra but in this instance you've brought it in the side so you get that lift and the support and also when your breasts are brought in together you get that fantastic cleavage instantly."

"This is a traditional looking push up bra and as you can see there is only one horizontal pad on the base of the bra and what that achieves is it just lifts the breast, there is no moulding or enhancement what so ever whereas with the new bra you can see straight away the new thing is that there are two pads, this pad here is designed to lift the breasts and the pad on the side is designed to bring the breasts together to give you a beautiful softer and fuller look. What we have never seen before is the vertical placement of these pads, and what that achieves is a beautiful enhanced and more contoured shape of breast which does look more natural overall, more natural and fuller." Said Stav Hortis

And the difference is self-evident... Stav explains "This is a traditional push up bra which just pushes up from underneath and this is an extreme cleavage bra which pushes not just from underneath but also from the side which creates a fuller and more rounded overall look. Every women wants a perfect bust so we go to great lengths to choose the right bra and often it's disappointing because we never get what we want, whereas with this bra we get the fantastic extreme cleavage and the great support and comfort all in the one."While we like to like to push and lift up top, the rest of the body is about smoothing and contouring.

In Style fashion director, Katherine Green says "you need to find the right shape wear that will slim and trim but you definitely don't want to compromise a great bust." Said Katherine. Created by Holdmetight, singer Ricki Lee is the face and body of the brand...

"The great thing about these body suits is that they allow total versatility to choose your own bra. If you want to wear a push up bra, then you can, and then you'll get the push-up up top and the slimming and toning down the bottom. Or if you're after a simple t-shirt bra then you can do that too, and best of all it's under $40. Says Katherine Green. Katherine explains that "these days it's all about flexibility combined with function and it doesn't have to cost you the earth to look fabulous."




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RRP: BETWEEN $20 - $45