Exploding Ovens

Reporter: Laura Sparks

"It exploded the glass shattered into pieces and it was like kaboom like an explosion and glass went everywhere. When it exploded I flew back over there; she landed here.

I heard this massive explosion, came out to find glass all over the floor and shards everywhere and homeowners and their children put in danger. Millions of ovens are sold every week but most of us remain unaware of the hidden problems.

I went to open up the oven door to check to see how the bread was cooking I opened the oven door and stuck my head in just to have a quick look at how it was browning."

It was only the split second that Tracey Carratt turned away from her oven to get an oven mit, that saved her from the brunt of an exploding oven door.

It was just a kaboom, like a big explosion and glass went flying everywhere there was glass all over the kitchen, the benchtops, the sink and glass scattered everywhere in the adjoining room

The 17 month old Electrolux oven that cost $2300 was not on a high heat...just 160 degrees...and had been on for just 10 minutes.

How lucky was I, that could have been my eyes, the glass just exploded and shattered and it was just seconds, that could have been my face, more concerning to me my eyes, I could have had my eyes showered with glass

Electrolux offered to replace the door but after persisting they've agreed to replace the entire oven.

"But I will always be concerned and worried about getting another one of these time bombs, and I think maybe I might need to wear a motorcycle helmet when I'm using the oven!"

"It took me by surprise their attitude that it wasn't really much of a concern and they weren't really surprised"

Jeff Chantler was shocked at the nonchalance from Electrolux when he rang to complain about his exploding 13 month old Westinghouse oven...owned by Electrolux.

"I was more concerned about the fact the company hasn't shown an interest at all to come and investigate and seek what the issue was, they've just more or less ordered the parts straight away and brushed me aside"

His glass door exploded after the oven had been on for just 15 mins at 180 degrees to cook a pizza.

"They didn't give us a reason the only explanation they could offer was, the glass was previously damaged before it got installed but there was no sings of any cracks or damage to the oven while we were using it for the previous 12 months"

When we spoke to Electrolux, they gave us the same explanation. The ovens must have been badly bumped either in transport or general use, they say breakages remain rare but others in the industry give this word of advice, look for ovens with quadruple glazing, that's doors with 4 layers of glass.

"Logic would say the more layers of glass the safer it would be"

The Australian standard for oven doors was revised and toughened up in 2008 partly because of oven doors exploding. Brandon Gien from Standards Australia says, "The test is now tougher, the impact test involves being hit with extreme impact, the glass must survive - All ovens sold in Australia have to pass this test and another involving heating

How glass that survives this sort of testing can end up like this is hard to explain.

"Perhaps there were imperfections in the glass"

The first thing consumers should do is check if the product has an Australian standards sticker or label on it

NSW Fair Trading Minister Virginia Judge urges all customers experiencing problems regarding ovens exploding to call their local consumer protection agency.

I do not want to see consumers get a shock and get potentially harmed as a result of an exploding oven door this is of great concern to me

I was just stirring the curry stuff and then there was just this big explosion

Look how far the stove top blew off the bench its incredible

And it's not just exploding glass doors. 11 year old Emma Rothwell bore the brunt of a gas explosion in her family's badly installed oven.

"Then the stove top kind of like blasted upwards and then, there was a big flame kind of a thing, and it was really really scary and like it was really loud, so I fell backwards because the oven hit me in the leg"

Her mother Dianne is angry it happened at all. The installation of the oven is now being investigated

It's a miracle she didn't sustain any other injuries really, just incredible, there was glass and debris and hot food and all the rest of it just everywhere on the floor

They're out there, with the faulty glass yeah I think they're ticking time bombs they can seriously injure people