Euro diet

Reporter: Frank Pangallo

There are diets galore, but nothing quite like the new eurodiet.

The diet was developed by french doctors now the first australian eurodiet weightloss clinic has just opened in Adelaide.

Dominque Beaumont piled on the weight after having two children after going on the diet with her husband Sam. They achieved impressive results, losing almost 50 kilos between them so she launched it here.

The big difference between this and other diets is that the 20 week program is done under the strict medical supervision of the clinic's in-house obesity expert Dr. Stephen Hadges.

Among his first patients are Tonya and Mark Atkins. After their medical tonya and mark went on a high protein low carbohydrate diet with foods supplied by dominque's clinic we followed their progress for six weeks and you'll see their stunning transformation shortly dr. Hadges says results are immediate and you'll shed six to eight kilos within the first three weeks and upto 25 kilos at the end of the program.

Now to tonya and mark's progress here's what they looked like when they first saw dr. Hadges and now six weeks later.

But like all diets they only work if you don't go back to old eating habits.

Further Details

Eurodiet Australia

266 Melbourne Street North Adelaide

1800 079 915

Approx cost for full 20 week package program is $3000