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Reporter: Graeme Butler

W.A is in the grip of a staffing crisis - and hotels, restaurants and bars are bearing the brunt of it, if you've ever waited for a beer or found service a bit lacking you won't' be surprised to hear there's a shortfall of 5000 staff. Bradley Woods from the Australian Hotels Association in Perth has led the charge to Ireland - with him are pub and restaurant owners hoping to convince Irish workers to come and take up jobs in W.A.

Andrew McFeely and Jennifer Harrison have answered the call both already work long hours in hospitality and live in a bedsit apartment in Dublin - they're hoping a move to Perth will improve their lifestyle.

The couple has joined hundreds of other job seekers at the AHA's seminars in Dublin - it seems there's no shortage of Irish workers willing to take on the jobs it seems Aussies don't want. They're here to hear about W.A and the jobs on offer. Already about 30,000 Irish people head to Australia on working holiday Visas of those only around 7% come to W.A and that's what the seminars in Dublin are trying to tap into.

It's an optimism that many of these Irish people haven't heard for a long time - if ever... not to mention in Australia they can earn roughly double the pay. It's enough to convince many of them to pack up and head down under. For Andrew and Jennifer it's cemented their decision to take the plunge.

Andrew and Jennifer are just the sort of staff pub owners like Bob Ramage is hoping to attract. You'll normally find Bob at his Ocean Centre Hotel in Geraldton but he's also made the trek to Ireland to find staff.

Ashok Parekh owns several hotels is Kalgoorlie - he's also returned to his Native Ireland to convince others to follow in his footsteps and try the luck of the Irish in the lucky country.

Sean Reid owns the Breakwater in Hillarys, he also hails from Ireland. "They do have a sense of adventure the Irish they're going to be coming to Australia anyway a lot of them on a working visa so we're just trying to lure them into W.A first letting them know that there are jobs available for them in hospitality which is a great career"

These employers could have gone anywhere in the world to try and recruit staff but they've come here to Ireland for a very good reason - the workers here are already highly trained in hospitality, there's no language barrier and visas are easy to organise but also Ireland is experiencing high unemployment, the youth unemployment rate at the moment is sitting at 39%.

"We're in the middle of the greatest economic recession of our lifetime of the last thirty forty years" Claire Murphy is a journalist at Dublin's Evening Herald newspaper - she says there are plenty of Irish hospitality workers keen to head down under.

The invasion of Aussie bosses is making news in Ireland - down at the Oval Bar in down town Dublin the Guinness is flowing and punters like Neil Fox are pouring over the paper reading about jobs in WA.

There's no shortage of trained hospitality staff in Ireland - and they're pretty keen to share their skills with Aussies.

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