Dryer Warning

Reporter: James Thomas

Fire brigade superintendent Rob Mcneill points to Clothes dryers as one of the home's hidden killers.

"With the clothes dryer the big issue is with the lint, the dust, they all have lint and dust filters in them and they build up." Said Inspector Rob

Exposed to extreme heat, the dust is highly flammable.

In the first two months of this year, there have been six fires involving dryers. In 2011 there were 44 dryer fires.

And we're all to blame.

A canstar consumer survey showed 30% risk household fires by not emptying our lint filter.

It also found that Baby Boomers aged between 46 and 66 were the safest with 76% surveyed, keeping their filter clean.

69% percent of Gen x'ers aged 32 to 52 cleaned their dryers but just 45% of teenagers and those in their early 20's mustered the energy to empty out the filter... If they knew the consequences they might have a change of heart.

It is not just clothes dryers we need to worry about. You can see the blackened remains of an apartment which caught on fire last night, in which a 77 year old lady narrowly escaped, thanks to what is reported to have been a faulty electric blanket.

77 year old Rhoda Abulafia and her son Alex search through the remains of a fire which very nearly took her life last night.

"When i looked there was half the room was filled with black smoke." Said Rhoda

A little earlier, Rhoda had turned on her electric blanket.

"I turned on the electric blanket to warm the bed because i'd heard the weather forecast and then i was sort of watching tv and a bit dozey on the sofa and i smelt smoke. " Said Rhoda

And in no time, fire followed. Rhoda was rescued by a neighbour.

"My son and a neighbour got the old lady out of the unit that was on fire and everybody else reacted instantly cause all the fire alarms worked beautifully." Said Neighbour Germain

"Make sure you have a working smoke alarm." Said Inspector Rob

And ensure your product is working properly. Recently recalled products include:

The LINDA Super Slumber and Sleep Safe electric Blanket.

The Mistral, Rank Arena, Homemaker and Signature clothes dryer.

And, the Sunbeam removable 3 heat electric Blanket Control.

"Sometimes when the blankets are creased and there maybe a crease caused in the wiring which overtime breaks a wire and causes a short circuit." Said Inspector Rob

"If you have an old appliance, 15 years plus, chuck it out, it's dangerous." Said Peter Hammerman

Retailer Peter Hammerman says modern dryers, heaters, irons and electric blankets have safety devices embedded in them

"New dryers have an auto sensor mechanism and when the clothes are dry it stops..." Said Peter Hammerman

and if fire does take hold - get out quickly.

"The environment in that house will become untenable in about 3 minutes time." Said Inspector Rob