Dr Chemical

Hello, I'm Dr Chemical. And today I'm here to tackle showers. That moist, mouldy, bacteria-breeding hotspot - a nightmare to keep clean. But don't worry, help is here.

This small area contains a real cocktail of chemicals - soap, shampoos, conditioners, perhaps even shaving cream and toothpaste and of course oil and sweat from our skin. All of that, of course, finishes up on the tiles and glass. But today I'm going to show you how to get it clean. First step is the mould. Now we can use exit mould which will work or you can do the smart thing get any old bleach which is a quarter of the price but will work just as well then all we need is a generic garden sprayer and were right to go. So how do you use bleach? Just spray it on - DON'T SCRUB - and then let the chemical do the work while you go and have a cup of tea.

Many products claim to clean your shower but soap scum is alkaline so you need an acidic cleaner - that makes it a two horse race Ajax and bam - Ajax phosphoric acid, bam solphamic acid and the winner is bam with the sulphamic acid. Last step Mr Sheen. If the soap scum has been there a while it may have etched the glass this will take out those imperfections and leave a nice wax coating on the glass which will protect it against future soap scum build up.

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