DIY Veggies

Reporter: Graeme Butler

It doesn't get any fresher than this and these days it doesn't get much easier, you don't even have to have a green thumb.

"It's not hard it's a learning curve whether you get us in there to help you build your garden and get you off on the right foot have a go at it yourself it doesn't matter just have a go"

Tim Woodard is the garden go-to-guy for people wanting to grow their own veggies without - well growing their own. "You don't' need to know anything about it but we would like to take people on board who are keen and enthusiastic to learn"

Tim set up his company "your patch organics" to do the real dirty work for people, setting up the organic veggie garden from soil to seeds. "Put the tubs down, the weed mat the tubs, run the retic and then the pea hay goes in for the worms like to drag the pea hay around in the soil and create little tunnels and also makes them happy gives them something to eat"

You don't even need to plant the veggies - Tim does that too.

"Now your planting for winter crops is that right this is a winter crop we've got some winter variety tomatoes down this end we'll keep all the family together the tomatoes the capsicums and then we'll plant some carrots and some beetroot down this end"

From empty beds to a thriving garden, this is a patch planted at the start of the season. "It's just over two months and most of it was grown by seeds so its gone crazy you know" Rodney had his garden put in the front yard and the results have been astounding. "I haven't bought vegetables for a good month or so now it's only been in for two months so I haven't bought any greens any cucumbers nothing and they're still producing more than what I can eat"

Rodney says he was too busy to do the garden himself and wasn't that confident at doing it himself. "Had you ever tried to grow it yourself? I've done a few experiments in the past and some of them were good I got some good stuff but most of it was a dismal failure so I thought I'd get the professional in to help me you know"

Having the experts in to do the garden for you comes at a cost but it's a fool proof way of getting home grown veggies. But anyway can try their hand at growing a few basics without going to great expense, Garden expert Sue MacDougal. "You need the inclination you really need that passion anyone can try I think if you start off with something that's really easy say cherry tomatoes and then just gradually guilds success do a little things do small pots small containers even one square metre of garden is going to give you something worthwhile you can take inside and eat"

According to Sue the key to getting a good result in the garden is the soil especially in Perth. "One of the most important things is improving the soil west Australians soils are some of the most fertile in the world and that's the thing you can dig a hole in sandy soils but they really need to be improved"

Sue how long does this corn take to grow here - that takes about ten weeks wow I planted this new year and we've been harvesting it for the last few weeks is it hard to grow no it's not hard to grow but it does need really good soil and I always plant two seems in each hole just in case I lose one.

Which ever way you do it - a DIY garden is going to give you the freshest veggies you've ever eaten and kids seem to like them a whole lot more. "Potatoes are fantastic the kids love it and that's one of the other reasons I love the veggie garden the kids just love being out here and being able to see and be able to harvest fruit, harvest the veggies and usually and often those veggies down make it inside"

Tim says "hopefully we're going to grow a generation of kids that tell their parents to finish their veggies"

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