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Reporter: Tineka Everaardt

If you thought retailers like Catch of the Day and the Reject Shop offered great bargains, The Supply Warehouse say they can beat them.

Retail buyer Michelle Buntman says their company buys direct from the biggest brands in Australia and usually sells onto discount retailers who mark up the prices.

But now Supply Warehouse is offering their products direct to the consumer. "By selling direct from our own factory outlet we're able to be even cheaper", Michelle said.

The family business once solely operated out of a Victorian warehouse, now they've expanded online, offering their biggest discounts to everyone across Australia. "We have close to 200 products available on our e-Bay store", Michelle said.

The products are constantly being updated on online auction site e-Bay and to start shopping: "All you need to do to find our store on e-Bay, type in Supply Warehouse into your search engine and it will bring up all of our products", Michelle said.

Postage is around $15.00 for up to 20 kilos worth of product. "We pack it very tightly so our customers get the best value. As the e-Bay store grows and the business grows along with it, the postage charges will come down", Michelle said.

"As more and more Australians are juggling their budget and being savvy I think we're actively hunting out a bargain and we'll start to see more of these types of stores popping up in Australia", said Ingrid Just from Choice.

Ingrid says as these types of stores become more popular it's important we realise what we're buying. "They're essentially selling stock that's close to their used by or best before dates so make sure that you're comfortable with using that product within that time frame", Ingrid said.

But Michelle says best before dates are only there as a guideline. "Manufacturers air on the side of caution with their best before dates, putting a shorter code really than what the product needs, and that basically means that the product stays fresh 6 to 12 months after the best before date, providing it is stored correctly", Michelle said.

Another benefit is Supply Warehouse doesn't have the downfalls of many popular coupon websites. "With some of the daily deals sites we've seen, consumers have to be aware of the time constraints with that voucher that they're purchasing and to make sure that they're able to redeem that voucher within that time frame", said Ingrid.

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