Reporter: Damian Hansen

"I am absolutely amazed at how well I feel." Says Jack

"Whatever is in this D'care is helping me to regulate those peaks and troughs of sugar levels." Says Robert "I had no energy and this has lifted me right up .. I'm wrapped." Robert continues

They're being heralded as super tonics, all natural, herbal remedies for just about anything that ales you.

From stress relief to cardiac care, arthritis to diabetes this liquid is making big waves in the world of medicine.

"Well as a type one diabetic I am so prone to highs and lows of blood sugar levels that are pretty much uncontrollable." Says Josey

Josey Alexander's taking d'care to help control her sugar levels so far with extraordinary success.

"I found that after a couple of weeks my insulin requirements had come down so that I wasn't needing the great amount of insulin that I was having both long time and short term."

In need of a kidney transplant five months ago her insulin units have dropped from 18 to 14 a day and she no longer needs a transplant

"Do you know what the secret is in D Care?" asks Damien

"I have no idea, look it works for me." Replies Josey

"I didn't want to go to the doctor to get onto pills you know, so I wanted to do it natural if I could and I got onto this product and I'm absolutely wrapped." Says Robert

Robert Bressan was on the verge of being diagnosed with type two diabetes his blood sugar level reading dangerously high, then he started taking d'care.

"I noticed after a month of usage my blood sugar level came down fairly low down to round about 10 so I was quite happy with it." Says Robert

"I find it fascinating that if that was occurring in the person and I'd certainly call for more research on the product to see what is it actually doing." Says doctor Gary

The ingredients themselves are nothing new they've been used for centuries but it's the way the herbs are extracted and blended together that is potentially ground breaking.

Some of the key ingredients are based around Indian herbal extracts, such as a herb called "withania" other herbs in it are traditionally used herbs in the Indian tradition.

Dr Gary deed is an expert in eastern medicine and diabetes. He's keeping a keen eye on the results of laboratory trials conducted by the university of southern Queensland into the medicinal benefits of the elixirs.

"G Wellness and G Care are herbal products based on previous research on ehrbal ingredients used in conditions, such as blood sugar irregularities, including diabetes.. and also for problems with energy and fatigue.

We've been testing the G Wellness on two different type of rats, one with diet-induced obesity, hypertension, high blood pressure, and the second one where we've induced arthritis in the animal." Says the Doctor

Lowering the blood pressure prevents the damage to the heart, prevents the damage to the kidneys prevents also the damage as in stroke in the brain.

Professor Lindsay brown from the department of biomedical sciences at the University of Southern Queensland is running trials of the tonics on rats.

"These two rats have had exactly the same diet this one the diet only, this one together with the G'Wellness and you can see the difference this one is back to normal.

Now that's a really critical change because patients with diabetes, obese patients, will mainly die of cardiovascular disease and this is the key risk factor." Says Professor Lindsay

Alcohol preservative artificial colouring and flavouring free, G'wellness and d'care claim that if taken before meals could act as an appetite suppressant.

While there remains a lot of 'could'..'may' and 'maybe's in the marketing of the supplements pharmacist Jack Anderson is already convinced of its benefits

"Look I've been a firm believer of natural medicine in my pharmacies forever, always recommend it, right back to the days of vitamin C was the only thing we had on the shelf." Says Jack

"A 19 year old asked me will it work for me. I said I don't know but you what I would give it a go because it certainly has worked for me." Says Josey


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