Deodorant Lab

Reporter: Helen Wellings

Perspiring's normal, but heavy sweating's a terrible problem millions of people suffer, making their lives hell. Nothing to quell soaking under arms and prevent the unpleasant whiff.

"Every lunch time I had to come home and rinse out my uniform." Said Patricia

Nurse, Patricia McLernon's suffered for 30 years, winter especially it was difficult in heated buildings.

"I had to walk with my arms down and I had no confidence.It was horribly embarrassing you know you can hear people when they talk about you and you could see them pointing." Said Patricia

Mum of 3, Debra Connell, who worked in customer relations, developed heavy sweating when pregnant.

"It just makes you not want to go to work to stand in front of people.

It looked like I was a slob. The staining, the wetness, it was just very embarrassing. I sweat when I'm nervous, sweat when I'm hot, when it is cold." Said Debra

David Aitken, running a handyman business, was always showering trying different deodorants but nothing worked for him.

"I was going through a heck of a lot of hot water so the expense in that was dramatic, the expense in the petrol was incredible as well because I'd be working across the other side of town and have to come back home to change." Said David

This huge Unilever plant in Leeds, Northern England, is dedicated to researching and developing just one product type - deodorants. And recently there's been a scientific breakthrough to keep even the worst perspirers dry and sweet on-the-nose all day.

These ladies here are getting ready for our wetness test. You can see they are all in comfortable clothing sleeveless tops.

Countless scientific trials and tests, not just in test tubes, but with real human beings, males and females, have been going on for 60 years at Unilever to solve wetness and bad odour.

This is how much sweat somebody can produce in one day, 10 Litres.

Dr Jason Burry, Unilever's Global Research Director of Deodorants is a world expert in sweat glands, leading the team of deodorant doctors and scientists.

One litre is the amount of sweat people normally produce in a day over their whole body.

It's 40 degrees Celsius in this hot-room, a perfect environment for testing and refining a different type of deodorant for millions of people, in fact one in three Australians, who sweat heavily.

"We are going to put a pad here under this armpit and under here and what we are going to do is collect the sweat Helen." Said Dr Ramdin

Dr Lara Ramdin is the Immunologist in charge of the Research and Development team.

We weigh it afterwards and we really see how much sweat has been incorporated into the pad and shows how effective the product is.

Then noses literally to the armpit, testing different brands of deodorants.

She has been specially trained to smell small levels of malodour in the armpit which is basically BO to you and I.

You've been in the hot room for an hour, the result? The result is a wet underarm with no product at all nothing, and a very dry underarm with Rexona Clinical Protection.

After on-going testing and development for 5 years, Rexona Clinical Protection claims to be the only anti-perspirant deodorant that works for heavy sweaters who don't have medical problems.

This is two times more effective than a standard anti-perspirant.

It has special ingredients that reduce sweating.

Anshika Grover, Senior Brand Manager, says the cream forms a gel plug on top of the sweat glands to reduce the flow of sweat.

It also has patented odour-fighting bubbles that burst to release fragrance and it is dermatologically proven to be gentle on the skin.

"I can go out with confidence and not worry about somebody staring at me and knowing that is the reason." Said Debra

"It's totally changed my life I don't know what makes it work, all I know is it works." Said David

"My daughter was married and for the first time I was able to wear a very thin strap dress. And that was a magic day!" Said Patricia