Curtis Stone leftovers

Reporter: Lynda Kinkade

Tonight Coles Ambassador Curtis Stone is showing how to save and savour the leftovers. First up the roast ham and peaches

"This is what you do with the leftover peaches - I'm going to show you how to make chutney. We're going to make a Panini with the chutney.

So this is quite a simple recipe for the day after Christmas - really simply - all you do is get peaches twist them like that i'll even give you a job Lynda cause i know you're handy in the kitchen, I chop them up a little bit of a dice - then were going to cook it down really slowly

We're going to cut some onions, you sweat that down then add some ginger, couple of spices - mustard seeds add a little bit of spice to them - a good pinch, with some chilli flakes. A chutney should be a bit sweet, bit sour so some sugar and some white wine vinegar and if you don't have mustard seeds can you use mustard? Absolutely whatever is left over from Christmas Dinner?

Once your onions have had a minute or two you add your peaches that's it let it cool down for 20min half an hour and you end up with this beautiful chutney

Now you're ready to make the Panini....layer it with chutney.. roast ham... spinach leaves.. grated tasty cheese... and pop it in a sandwich press.

Now to dessert "Banana Tartetain" I've made a bit of a toffee - you put the sugar into a pan - it will turn into a liquid once it's on the heat and eventually it will turn brown - then i put a little bit of butter in and give it a whisk take it off the heat and let it go cold

I'm going to put your artistic talents to the test - ok - we're going to make a nice sort of decorative - layer it up with bananas - i'll cut, you paste. Normally you put the pastry on the bottom of the tart this is upside down

You get your puff pastry don't need to roll it out and stick it over the top of your bananas and work it down around the side still with the plastic on - when this comes out and you taste this - you're going to say you will make this for the rest of your life i promise.

Then stick the whole thing in the oven - just like you'd cook a normal pastry - 180 to 200 degrees for 10-17minutes

Now the taste test this is the fun part this is the best part this is a winning recipe.

The dessert doesn't take long either

Sunday's leftover roast turkey becomes Monday's breakfast burrito

Instead of throwing the chicken in the bin throw it into pasta

And in the unlikely event there are leftover prawns you can create a mouth-watering tropical salad... Waste not .. want not .. it's Coles' Christmas mantra leftover food, which would typically be thrown out."

Ian Carson from Secondbite collects the produce and delivers it to those in need. He said the the official statistic for food wastage in Australia "is 7.5 million tonnes of food a year"

For people like Ursuala - it's makes for a very happy Christmas.

Backannounce: If you'd like the xmas leftover recipes you can find them on our website. You can also donate your fresh produce by contacting your local salvation army. And if you'd like more information on the work of secondbite especially if you have a business in the food industry please see our website for details.


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