Contact lenses

Sight can easily be taken for granted until you begin to lose it. Greg Turner's vision began failing him when he hit his forties and he was finding it tough adjusting to life with glasses. For many glasses are cumbersome and impractical especially for those who play sport.

18 year old Elise Sommerton put off getting optical frames for as long as she could. "It got to the point where i couldn't really read a book from about arms distance away couldn't really see friends faces from a few meters" but for people with poor or deteriorating eyesight there is another option. No specs, no surgery, no daily lenses, just clear vision.

It's the easy reversible eye technology that's allowing people to see a whole new world. Shonit jagmohan is one of the few optometrists in Adelaide who offers Ortho keratology or Orth K lenses to patients. "Ortho K is a hard lens that will modify and change the shape of the cornea to correct your vision"

"it's just a matter of putting the lenses in and getting some sleep, waking up in the morning taking them out and everything is good" unlike ordinary daily contacts these individually designed lenses are worn overnight. They work by reshaping the cornea while you sleep.

While vision is only temporarily fixed it can stay clear for days. The speciality lenses have also shown to slow down and even stop short-sightedness from worsening particularly in kids and young adults.

Ortho k has been available for over a decade but like most advanced technology it's been slow to make it's way into mainstream optometry. While it may not be as accessible as laser eye surgery just yet it is cheaper by comparison. "at innovative eye care 13 hundred dollars, covers the cost of the lenses and the visits over 6 to 12 months"

While laser will set you back around 2.5 thousand dollars per eye but just like daily lenses and surgery ortho k isn't the answer for everyone. "the only way for us to tell is get someone in, have a good look at their eyes and their cornea and have a look to see if by remoulding it with ortho k lens to get the right outcome" 

For more information on Ortho K lenses speak to your local Optometrist.