Competition Queens

Reporter: Laura Sparks

We're a nation of punters. We love a contest and a competition. If you are one of the tens of thousands of Australians who enter competitions, you have probably been beaten by this woman.

"I probably enter about 20 to 30 competitions a week, and on the running at the moment, the last 12 months, I've been winning a competition a week." Said Stephanie

Geelong chef Stephanie Bailey is Australia's competition queen, winning more than $50,000 worth of cash and prizes in the past 12 months alone.

"Two weeks ago I won Rihanna tickets, last week I won 20,00 dollars and this week I won Avalon air show tickets, so they might not be as big, but they're definitely, it's a movie ticket, it's something in the mail that I've won definitely once a week." Said Stephanie

Further south, Melbourne mother of three Cheree Robinson says that it's the thrill of just entering competitions that turned her hobby into a three year addiction.

"I usually win something once a week, the postie is quite familiar with my house." Said Cheree

Risk manger Joanne Cardamone has been entering competitions for over two decades and doesn't plan on stopping anytime soon.

"Every night I'm on the internet just typing away and entering heaps of competitions. The Biggest prize I've won was from Olay and it was basically a holiday that was 7 nights, to bring 7 friends, to the Whitsundays...and that was basically seven nights with a yacht, we had food, airfares, everything basically included, it was fantastic." Said Joanne

Enter a supermarket, go online, fill up at the petrol bowser, there'll be a competition to enter and Competitions Guide founder Craig Seitam coaches his members with tips and tricks on how to bag the big ones.

"It's really that chance of winning and people generally start off by winning something extremely small and that gets them hooked, they go on, they'll enter more and more and try to win more and that becomes an addiction in itself, and I say that in a nice way!" Said Craig

"It was a hobby very much so throughout the years, entering magazines when I saw it, now, when I switch off work, I'm straight on the computer entering online, reading magazines and listening out on the radio, radio is the biggest promotion out there, they give away so much!" Said Stephanie

But if entering competitions sounds like hard work...Craig Seitam explains "One of our members last month, in her first month of entering competitions, won around-the-world trip valued at $70,000 just for buying a soft drink, now that is a good return!"

"It definitely is worth putting in the time because I get so many different things that normally I wouldn't by for myself sometimes and it's a great cost saver too" Explained Joanne

And the tips for the big prizes?

"Generally the rule is, is the harder it is to enter something, the more chances you have of winning, go for things that people aren't necessarily entering, so if you've got to buy something, if you've got to enter by 25 words or less, or even something that's a little bit more creative, less people are going to enter and you have a better chance of winning." Said Craig

Jonanne Says "Get yourself aligned with any groups, there's some websites basically which you can join and they email you out all the different competitions, keep an eye on radio stations, internet websites, they always have competitions on there if you've got your favourite brand, google them, look them up, they usually have some competition or newsletters that have competitions in them."

"It doesn't take much to enter a competition, simple Facebook competition, SMS competition, you've got to be in it to win it." Said Cheree

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