Clutter Busters

Reporter: Natalie Bonjolo

From your cupboards, to your computer, it's the clutter costing you time and money. A busy Mum, who runs her breastfeeding blanket business from home, Bree Tinecheff, is looking for ways to streamline her company. "It is really important especially considering we are doubling our business every single year"

Microsoft outlook is her number one office tool but it's also her biggest time waster. Angie 'Speedy' Spiteri specialises in saving time. Today, she's going to show Bree how to save hours, using tools already at her fingertips.

First up she re-arranges Bree's emails, "your inbox is exactly like your in tray, its supposed to be for new mail" Like many people, Bree's inbox is full of clutter, costing her time, every time she turns on the computer. What Bree doesnt realise is Microsoft Outlook is an amazing tool which will tidy up her computor cupboard for her. Angie says "it can help you manage interruptions, procrastinations, distractions, it can help you get your most important work done first"

While Angie works her magic at Bree's place, across town there's another storage space in need of serious re-shuffling.

Raelene Faulkner's pantry is chocka block, a professional de-clutterer, Kerry Roesler is going re-organise Raelene's pantry.

Kerry reckons the simple reshuffle will save both time, and money, "people quiet often can't find what theyre looking for they know theyve got it but they cant find it so they go out and buy whatever it is again" and it's not just people's pantry's causing problems. "There have been times when Ive walked into places where you can actually just barely walk through the doorway"

According to Kerry, the pantry is one of the best places to start decluttering your home, once Raelene's cupboard is bare. Kerry puts in simple shelving, tips packets into see through stackable containers. Then starts re-stocking the shelves. Less than an hour later --wallah

Raelene says "I know where everything is so I wont have to go to the shop as much" Kerry reckons you can save fifteen minutes a day, by doing a simple clean out

Home, or office these clutter busters claim a simple clean up can change your life, in fact they guarentee it. Angie says "in fact I offer a double your money back guarentee so if people dont get there money back after doing my workshop I'll give them double their money back"

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