Closed Door Sales

Reporter: Jackie Quist

"Good morning everyone welcome to the closed door sale here's your basket we have a warehouse full of menswear ladies wear and kids wear." Welcome to the secret world of closed door sales. There's no advertising, no signs, but behind these anonymous factory facades are bargains galore. "We're talking up to 85% below retail price." Says Mark

Mark Epstein runs Australia's most exclusive shopping club , giving members private access to warehouses the public don't know about. "Tthey are wholesalers they do not open their doors to the general public however our members have exclusive entry on set days, usually once a month, direct into their warehouses where

they're getting wholesale or close to wholesale prices."

"I've got some leggings they're basically 85% off. I've got guys shirts kids clothing which is 85% off this is fantastic I could come here every day and shop."

Underwear - $2.50, windcheaters $5 - or three for $10, girls pyjamas $8, jackets down to $20. All quality branded garments, this outlet supplies the big department stores and while we can't reveal where it is, what it's called or what brands it sells, safe to say you can outfit the entire family.

"Very good quality, there's no rubbish at these warehouses. You're getting the same sort of stock you'll find in a retail shop however at a much discounted price." Mark says. While shoppers have enjoyed extraordinary sales at the major retailers all year, difference is these are everyday prices for Mark's members. "$9.95 was $49.95"

Here you can kit out your kitchen for a fraction of the cost. "Stuff that we need that we haven't been able to afford to buy in other shops and yeah getting some bargains here for sure" says a customer. 50% off mortar and pestles, quality cookware also half price. After 45 years selling toys to the big retailers, John Dorman now opens his factory to Closed Door Sales members. "We have a big range of toys $10 - $20 range would represent 75% of our range I would think"

Big brands at up to 50% off. "We have toy warehouses, we have fashion cosmetics, Manchester giftware kitchenware the list goes on I'm always looking for more variety more wholesalers to come on board so there's something for everyone."Becoming a Closed Door Sales member is easy and it's free. "All they need to do is go to our website, and once they're a member we will email them whenever they have sales in their city where they live. We supply a map of where to go the address the times its all done for them. In Melbourne we have approx 20 warehouses, Sydney we've got approx 8 and Brisbane and Gold Coast area we've got half a dozen soon, we'll be opening up in Perth and hopefully in South Australia as well."

With 30,000 members and counting Mark says his door is open to new outlets. "We are looking into more bulky items whitegoods electrical goods so it will get to the point where someone can go to closed door sales and buy everything for themselves, for their home, anything they need."

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