Christmas Savings

Reporter: David Eccleston

The silly season is in full swing plenty of money pouring out of your wallet so what better time to reverse the trend and put some money back.

We've covered the must haves better deals on electricity - credit cards- phone deals - internet - home loan - even saving big on your Christmas groceries

"Hundreds of dollars off your mortgage repayments, hundreds of dollars off your electricity - $100, $150 off your Broadband bill, never pay full price for your bills - that's my message this Christmas." Says Lachlan Harris from One big Switch dot com

Cameron Craig from Whistleout

Doug Purdie from Phone Choice

Kalman Polak - grocery run

And Damien Smith from Rate city.....

"If you're paying fees when the kids down load too much you could be spending hundrds of dollars unnecessarily." Says Lachlan

One Big Switch use people power to force companies to lower their prices. Their internet deal is one way to save money today.

"We're offering three free months, unlimited ADSL2+. Watch as many movies as you want, download as much as you want, three months of it is for free. It's a 24 month contract, 39.90 a month." He continues

"So on paper the best variable rate loan from one of the big four banks is anz - they have a variable rate at 6.75 percent but the important thing to remember tis that's their starting offer most borrowers should be able to get a better deal than that if they go in and haggle hard. SO A 6.19% are we talking that low? Maybe not that low but certainly you could be knocking point three point four off." Says Damien

For the big four - the best fixed rate is with ANZ and NAB at 6.34 % for the non-bank lenders their variable rates are as low as 6.33%

A lot of these loans do have catches attached to them so that 6.33% is one where you have to have a 25 % deposit- good rate but you've got to save a lot harder to get it.

And the best fixed rate for three years from a non-bank lender is with CUA at 5.99%.

So every time you take a quarter a percent off the average 300 thousand dollar loan you could save 40 50 dollars a month so if you could save a full percentage point of what you're paying so if you were paying if you were paying north of 7 precent, you could save 150 dollars a month - 2 thousand dollars a year.

Whistleout believe the Citibank Clear Platinum Credit Card with 99 dollar annual fee and no interest on the transfer for 6 months is the best option to save.

Annual fee: $99

0% for 6 months then 11.99%

Balance transfer: 0% for 6 months

When it comes to rewards points, you need to think about shopping smartly, so looking for double points offers on purchases, which will get you ahead a lot faster, as well as cards that have an upfront bonus rewards offer, so 20,000 or 30,000 free points when you first sign up,

Their pick Earth Credit cards from Westpac -

Standard: 16,000 Qantas Frequent Flyer Points

Platinum: 33,000 Qantas Frequent Flyer Points

"If your viewers jump online tonight onto they can get 16% off their electricity, 16% off their gas. You can't find that sort of a deal on a price comparison site. Only group buying power, only people power can create a deal like that." Says Lachlan

The average Australian family spends 2000 dollars a year - meaning you could save more than 300 dollar each year by making the switch. This deal only applies to Victoria viewers today but other states will follow shortly. And when it comes to groceries - shopping online can save you time and money.

You simply jump online, you'll find over 250 of Australia's biggest name brands in groceries, and select as many items as you like into your cart and you'll find that overall on your bill, 12.54.15 you can save upto 50% off

From the same people who control online shopping store 'catch of the day' - Grocery run dot com picks key items to sell heavily discounted.

From products like Deco serviettes and paper plates you'll save up to 50% off, your Christmas pudding up to 50% off, your mince pies up to 60% off, Cadbury chocolates up to 60% off, so you'll find all these little nik naks that will cost quite a lot at the supermarkets, you will find the savings with us and it will make a big difference for Christmas 13.04.20

For the best cheap phone plan, Phone choice have picked the 40 dollar a month Amasyim unlimited plan. Twelve month contract - unlimited calls 4 g of download data.

Amaysim - Unlimited





"Look now's a great time to be looking around. Definitely the majors are trimming their rates and giving better value so when they start doing that you just know there are some good deals available."

If you were to take on these better offers - this time next year you would have well over 3 thousand dollars extra in your pocket.

"Now's a great time to spend less on your bills so you've got more money to spend on the family and the kids over Christmas" says Lachlan

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