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Reporter: Adam Marshall

Everyday parents, Jamie and Jessica Rudd feel as if they are carrying the weight of the world on their shoulders.

Their little boy, Nicholas is very, very sick. While in their hearts he is special beyond words, to his doctor he is the only one of his kind in Australia.

"Nicholas was born with severe congenital neutropenia. It is basically an absence of neutrophil which are the white blood cells which fight bacteria" said his mother Jessica.

Needing a bone marrow transplant to reboot his immune system, it is Nicholas's little brother Lachlan who is a savior of sorts as he is an exact match.

Jessica said, "We wanted him before and when we found he could save his brother's life we wanted him even more. We're so lucky that he's healthy and it's all worked out".

But fate has dealt Lachlan a rough hand too. He needs major surgery of his own. His skull fused too early. If there is one family that needs some good news, it is this one.

"We do need a miracle, good news, because it has been a hard road", said Jessica.

Last year good news came in the rough exterior of Chicken Mick. In one weekend he and 200 of his mates helped a dying mother of three realize a dream.

Mick has down tools at his farm to help the Rudds. He needs many hands to fulfill Nicholas's dream. A major renovation of his Brisbane home with just 72 hours to get it done while the family's taking a much needed break away on holiday on the Gold Coast.

He hits the phones, ringing every business in the surrounding area and the help soon came. Chicken Mick's army mobilized.Nicholas' condition means he won't be able to leave this house for up to 3 years after his transplant. Their job is to make it somewhere he will love.

While the troops get stuck into transforming the house inside and out, Mick directs traffic out the front as load after load of supplies arrived. It is soon apparent to these hardened blokes that they are a part of something very special.

"It's part of the Aussie way to help out and give your mate a hand. I've got a little girl myself so I can empathise with that", said Chicken Mick..

He adds, "You just got to get in there and have a go. Help out. Why not! What's 2 or 3 days out of your life for someone to help out. Good karma".

While Suzanne Barnard from Landscaping Supplier Sapar tackles the garden beds, Landscaper Jeff Towler transforms the backyard turning it into a space Dad and son can play in.

"I think he'll be lost for words, no he'll be stoked as and he'll be able to ride his bike on the concrete as well", said Chicken Mick.

The concreters build a bike path for Nicholas. It had to set early or else it would blow the tight deadline.

The carpenters lead by Mark Whitfield take on Nicholas' biggest dream - his own cubby house.

The Trueline boys set about building a patio, a man cave dreams are made of - no one was spared.

Hearing about his challenge, Masters open their store to Chicken. He was like a kid in a candy store. Chick Mick is again ruling the roost somehow finding the time to reward those willing to chop in and lend a hand.

These strangers have never met each other but have bonded in their common cause. It is a race to the finish line.

When the time was up, so was the patio, the turf laid and concrete set. Bathroom, lounge room and living area all given a mark-over by Super Amart.

The family have never met Chicken Mick until the day they came home.

While Jamie and Jess are admiring their new Trueline patio, Nicholas spots his cubby house.

"Nicholas keeps going -when all my families come back we'll have another party. It was just amazing. Because the area's safe for him now I'm not so panicked and not worried, whereas before I had to be following him around all the time", said Jess.

"You think everyone's caught up in their own little worlds, they don't really care about you and that, but as has been demonstrated, other people do care", said Jamie.

Jess adds, "This has just reminded us that we're still alive. We still have a life. We still have things to look forward to and things we can do to enjoy ourselves and it's made us feel human again".

A special thank you to the businesses that donated their time and materials.

True Line Patios & Extensions

Masters Home Improvements

Super Amart Furniture

Image Blinds

Outrigger Hotels-Resorts

Beds R Us

Mother Care

The Good Guys

City Hire

Sapar Landscaping Supplies

Jeff Towler Landscapes

Whitfield Commercial & Domestic Pty Ltd (Carpenters)

Just-In Time Electrical

Centenary Plumbing

KBT Concreting

Boral Concrete

Smart Skip

Super Butchers

Absolute Pest Control

Brisbane quality carpentry

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