Cheapest Petrol

Reporter: Graeme Butler

We watch prices go up and watch them come down on a weekly basis - so working out who is regularly cheapest is no easy task ... Fuel watch has crunched the numbers and revealed the Perth's Cheapest petrol stations. "What our research has shown is that the most competitive outlets in the perth market are in fact the independent outlets" Ray Gibson from Fuelwatch says the perth market is extremely competitive but we're still at the mercy of the weekly price cycle. "With that we see prices vary from day to day and see prices jump up to 15 cents on any one particular day so it does pay consumers to be aware of those movements and to time their purchases to be at the bottom of the cycle historically from most of this year Tuesdays and Wednesdays have been the cheapest days with prices increaseing reapidly toward the weekend"

Fuelwatch has kept score of the past 6 months prices to reveal Perth's cheapest... North of the river has fared best - just by a whisker -

Topping the list in the North and cheapest in Perth is Liberty Neerabup - at 121.5

second was also in Neerabup at Peak

United Mt Lawley was third followed by United Osborne Park and united Quins rock rounds out the top five

"Wonderful wonderful it's something that we didn't think we would achieve in such a short time." Charles Hore owns Liberty in Neerabup.. he says it's no surprise the independents have performed as well as they have. "We bought the service station late last year and we decided to continue with liberty and liberty is an australian woned and privately owned company and tehy have a good buying power with their fuel and fortunately they pass that buying power and saving over to us as an individual operator"

South of the river Gull Atwell was cheapest at 122.9, Caltex WW South Lake was second, then United South Lake and Peak Kwinana with Gull Yule-Du in Bedforddale rounding out the top five south.

"I think the independents led by Gull are really here to make a different offer to motorists as you can see from our unmanned sit here we're proud to do so really pleased to offer motorists something different" Gull general manager Michael Mullins says the company has introduced a fuel revolution to Perth with un-manned service stations.. like this one at Atwell... there's no attendants - credit or debit cards only - it's helping keep the cost of fuel down. "It's a smaller facility so it uses less electricity and water so those operating costs are lower yeah and better for the environment"

Heading east another Gull - unmanned station tops the list this time at High Wycombe at 123 a litre. United Roleystone was next Better Choice Stratton number three followed by Peak Glen Forrest and Peak in Mundaring - again the independents have outperformed the big boys. Ray says "we've been seeing that consistantly over a long period of time that the independents do drive competition in this market place"

For the full list of how Perth's petrol stations performed visit the west australian's website: