Cellulite Laser

Reporter: Adene Cassidy

95% of Australian women over 30 have cellulite ... 100% of those that do .. Hate it.

And it doesn't matter if you're a super model, a celebrity with a super body ... Or even a teenager ... Very few escape the cheesecake dimples.

"Your body is working against you and you can lose all the weight you want and stay really slim and still be bothered by cellulite." Said Dr Bright

The interest borders on the obsessive ... And has spawned all sorts of creams, lotions, wraps and scrubs .. But until now success has been elusive.

Caroline Webster is 39, fit and healthy, but no diets or the hours spent in spin classes could make her cellulite disappear.

Could she have more success lying down?

"Caroline has had some numbing solution put into the area and so now she shouldn't feel anything maybe a little bit of heat but that's about it ... Ok so here we go." Said Dr Joseph Ajaka

Cellulaze is a brand new surgical treatment in Australia ... A lunch time procedure.

The laser beam is used underneath the skin to melt fat cells and break down the fibrous bands that cause cellulite. Dr joseph ajaka from cosmos clinic guarantees at least 65% improvement.

"We were using the laser lipo technology to tighten skin after liposuction and we realised a lot of our clients were coming back and saying that their cellulite had improved so we looked into the literature and we found that 86% of the women were still happy with their laser lipo cellulite treatment after 3 years." Said Joseph Ajaka

The treatment takes just an hour. Using a mild sedation the patient remains awake and recovery is almost immediate.

But Dr ralph bright a cosmetic physician says don't expect it to permanently remove cellulite. To date there is nothing on the market that will banish those lumps and bumps forever. He has this advice for consumers:

"It basically gets back to a small procedure gets small results a big procedure gets big results cellulaze is very promising it but it's at the more invasive end it certainly falls into the end of being a bigger treatment it need to be done by someone who has some experience." Said Dr Bright

26 year old Rachel Smyth has tried many cellulite treatments, including dry brushing, a supposedly effective home method.

"For about 2 weeks I tried before my shower in the evening it would take me about 10 minutes on each leg and it didn't have any effect ... nothing." Said Rachel Smyth

Two days later and there are visible changes. Three weeks later and it's hard to believe there was any cellulite.

"So this is the most common area where women get cellulite in the buttock and the outer thighs and just under the buttock area (BUTT) It's looking good already is that a little bit to do with the swelling? A little bit to do with the swelling also due to the breaking of the fibrous bands that causes cellulite." Said Joseph and Rachel

One month later for Caroline and the results speak for themselves.

"There was a lot of fluid there before and the left side particularly and that seems to have diminished quite a lot and it's much more smoother than it was, and this is only 4 weeks." Said Caroline

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