Cameras Rated

Reporter: Josh Fajzullin

High speed, high definition, high tech -- compact cameras like we've never seen and we'll tell you which cameras will give you the best shots for the least amount of coin.

"Main thing is mega pixel and zoom size, also physical size of camera is important as well", said Bruce Bowman from Ted's Cameras.

Bruce says compared to last Christmas, point and shoots have become cheaper, smaller and smarter. "The Panasonic TZ-10 has a very good size for travel you can put it in your handbag and pocket, the zoom size is very large which makes the camera versatile at the same time", said Bruce of the $549.95 camera.

While some cost under a $100, Bruce says you'll need to spend at least $200 to snap up a quality camera. His pick for the Christmas stocking is the Canon's IXUS 105 at $199.95. "For the average punter that doesn't know too much about photography, I think the $200 price point is the good way to go", he said.

But if new technology's your focus, check out the handheld from Fuji -- the first 3D compact to hit our shores. "It does something other cameras have never done before -- it actually shows you pictures in the background and actually brings things into the foreground as well, which is brilliant", said Chris Matthews from Clive Peeters.

View your holiday snaps in 3D on your 3D television, or make your own 3D films. "Cutting edge technology, they're the first of their kind. Fuji has released this and they've decided to be the innovators", Chris added.

Chris says you will however pay a premium for cutting edge technology with the camera costing $599. "I love 3D, I think it is the way things are heading", he said.

If it's panoramic shots you're after, Sony's Cyber Shot can capture view s in a flash -- 180 degrees, landscapes and landmarks are easily done.

The sweep panorama function merges up to 60 photos in one shot.

Just in time for the spending season, Casio has released it's new award-winning Exilim range. In the wear and tear category, the G1's the pick. "Take it down the beach don' worry about dropping it in the water", said Paul Beaton, Casio's National Marketing Manager.

And if you always run out of battery, you won't with the H-15 model. "One charge, over a thousand photos per battery charge", Paul added.

"The GPS camera is great for travelling with 10,000 points of interest and landmarks preloaded on the camera, the hybrid GPS having motion sensors, mapping and GPS is a world first", he said.

"Price matters in every category we do, but then there are things like image quality, functionality, design, all of those matter", said Canstar Blue's Head of Research, Steve Mickenbecker.

They survey which cameras Australian consumers rate the best:

From seven of our most popular brands, Canon and Panasonic was awarded 5 stars. "Image quality they were the same; price they were the same; there were a couple of small differences in functionality and design but essentially we looked at the results and said it's splitting hairs", Steve said.

In the digital SLR stakes, Nikon came out on top -- 5 stars in every category. "You still have to choose the camera that suits you, because this is brand level, but …. its a great place to start", Steve said.

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