Business Giveaway

Reporter: Neil Doorley

An update on a story Today Tonight brought to you recently on a big-hearted Victoria panel beater willing to give his business and a second chance to sacked workers.

Not only has he been flooded with offers, but his goodwill has prompted a Brisbane company to come forward with the deal of a lifetime, an opportunity for someone who has lost their job to become their own boss.

It is a business decision which aims to make a difference not money. Michael Wyvill runs a multi-million dollar business but the bottom line here is for someone to profit from his goodwill and become their own boss

Accordingly to Michael, " I'd love to see someone out there take this opportunity and become successful in their own right. Our opportunity is really about having the right attitude. Somebody who is out there willing to get in there and give it a go".

There are 90,000 good reasons to give it a go. That is how much it would normally cost to buy into Michael's Brisbane based concrete edging business, Kwik Kerb but now that trailer packed with equipment is being offered as a gift along with much more.

"We are offering a free complete business system. Everything from equipment they will need to operate the business through to free-training and support", said Michael.

It is not a franchise so there are no on-going fees. Michael is happy to take offers from around the country and says age is no barrier. Michael's generosity sparked by a recent Today Tonight story on the Victorian panel beat, Arthur Matsarkos.

Arthur's offering his $150,000 car restoration business, free to a deserving owner. So he has been swamped by 2,000 applications and has interviewed about 60 people with a decision expected at the end of the first week in May.

Like Arthur, Michael's goodwill stems from the bad economic times which have spelt job losses across the country. In the past 6 months alone some of our biggest companies have shed thousands of workers.

"We are all seeing in the media, people are losing their jobs and positions finding themselves in tough times and we would like to do our little bit to help and like to see that happen as soon as possible", said Michael.

Trevor Doysher is a former retail worker turned Kwik Kerb operator and he said he has never looked back.

Anyone interested in taking up Kwik Kerb's offer needs to be quick. Michael Wyvill hopes to have made his choice before the next round of training which starts in a few weeks.

"If they could email us between 50 to 100 word brief on why they think they are the best recipient or deserving of this product, we would love to hear from them.", said Michael.

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