Reporter: Graeme Butler

By day Elly Squire works as a receptionist, quiet, mild mannered. At home she's deft hand at baking but she's taken her love of Cupcakes from the kitchen to the hurley burley world of the theatre. By night Elly becomes Clara Cupcakes sassy star of the burlesque stage. "I think part of it is kind of me almost a parody I think sometimes I can be quite out there but Clara's just the next extension on that"

Burlesque is a sassy sort of satirical performance which has it's roots way back in the 1840's, almost two hundred years later - it's back. Elly or rather Clara Cupcakes recently strutted her stuff in front of a national audience in the heats of Australia's Got Talent, she didn't win but she did put burlesque well and truely in the spot-light.

Apart from performing in front of audiences Elly runs burlesque classes, for people who want to learn to dance as well as get a fairy decent fitness work-out at the same time - and it sure is a work-out. "I think women are just looking for something different to do that's not you konw your regular body pump class or zumba or something like that they're just looking for something a little bit different a little bit more fun something where they can dress up a little and just have a bit of a laugh" and anyone willing to try this with hoola hoops would have to be up for a laugh and according to Elly, anyone can give it a go. "Burlesque is something that is for everybody you can be any size any shape you can be a guy there is boylesque that a thing we do have a couple of boylesque dancers in our troupe you can be any age there old school burlesque performers out there that are performing well into their seventies and still getting on stage and still be fabulous"

and any burlesque dancer will tell you part of being fabulous is costumes.. and clara cupcakes has a wealth of riches.

When it comes to her wardrobe, "she's a 1920's gin soaked floozy she just like to have a bit fo fun on stage really enjoys being up there like to have a bit of a tipple occasionally she loves to charleston I do a lot fo charlston in my Burlesque she's just an all round bit of a kook" and if you don't mind being a bit of a kook - who knows you could bowl 'em over with a bit of burlesque yourself.

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