Bonds Babies

Reporter: Madeleine Kennard

These mums think their bubs have star quality. Criteria must be cute, cuddly and charismatic."You can see from the past baby winners it is just that little twinkle, little spark, I like a bit of cheekiness in a baby, probably why my kids are so cheeky. That baby over there is the winner!" said Murdoch

Last year 53,000 babies entered into the bonds baby search today's open casting call attracted parents hoping their tiny tot takes out the top prize."I think every mum is so proud of their baby and they really want to give them a shot at this and I think it is just one of those things where they could grow up and say my baby was a bonds baby." Said Murdoch

Bonds ambassador Sarah Murdoch will not only judge todays entrants but she'll also be scouting through the thousands of online entries to find this year's bonds baby and she says to make a place in the final ten it's all about the perfect shot."I think it is very difficult with babies it is always hard to get the right photo they do something really cute and then you put the camera up and they stop doing it so i know it is going to be frustrating for a lot of mums." She said

Crystal Pearce has entered little Tyson into the competition for the last two years she vows she will keep entering until his picture is up in lights.It's a prize money can't buy, seeing their baby as the face of bonds- advertising campaigns, commercials and national recognition. But that recognition quickly turned sour for last year's entrants Pippa Taylor and her daughter Lillian.

They were the victims of racial slurs on the friendly facebook voting site. Although competitive this year the competition has kicked off to a great start mums and babies all in it to win it

If you think your baby has what it takes visit the Bonds website