Best Diet Results

Reporter: Sally Obermeder

The Diet Game, it's a billion dollar fat fighting factory. Their weapons of choice: Celebrities, guilt, hope and hype. And as summer comes fast upon us, selling "slim" has hit overdrive. In 2010 two diets captured the world's attention. One from the States, one from France.

20 Million sales between them, the Dukan and Flat Belly Diet promised rapid weight loss with minimal pain.Thousands of Australians have already put these diets to the test, and now the results are coming in. Touted as an Atkins diet for a new generation - THE DUKAN DIET is an eating plan devised by a French doctor promising to drop as much as a pound a day.

3 months ago Joanna Hamill weighed 117 kgs. Desperate to lose the weight she, began the Dukan Diet, following a menu of no, then low, carbohydrates, and high protein, only gradually adding vegetables, fruit and bread. We caught up with Joanna today. "I'm now losing about one to one and a half kilo a week..

She's stuck with the Dukan diet and is now down from 117 kilos to 96 kilos - total weight dropped: 21 kilos. "Once you see it start to fall off and your clothes start to fit better and quicker you really want to keep going."The Flat Belly Diet, released this year in Australia, was developed in America 2 years ago. An anti-bloat, no-hunger, rapid weight loss plan, targeted at tummy flab.

3 months ago we met Libby O'Meara - then weighing 86 kilos - hoping to lose 10 kilos on the Flat Belly Diet. We caught up with Libby today. Did the Flat Belly diet do what it promised? "Initially I lost centimetres off my measurements but not any kilos." For 3 months, Libby ate 4 meals a day, 5 times a day for 32 days. Following the diet eventually she did drop 5 centimetres from her waist and 10 centimetres from her thighs.

"I found the diet to be easy follow, great food switch interesting recipes but I found I was hungry a lot in the initial debloat period and I found that discouraged me from carrying on." Editor of Prevention Magazine, Natalie Filatoff, says the Flat Belly diets popularity could be attributed to its no exercise rule."It's been hugely successful and has sold more than 11 million copies. Avocados, olives, nuts and seeds, mono-unsaturated fatty oils and dark chocolate -- eating four meals a day of 400 calories each or 1600 kJ each. You don't have to do any crunches, no more crunches, no more sit-ups, you just follow the diet."