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Reporter: Georgia Main

It's the Atkins diet for a new generation, over 5 million skinny French men and women can't be wrong. Its an eating plan devised by a French doctor promising to drop as much as a pound a day. A diet that has been adopted by some of Hollywoods elite and is now seeing results here in Australia.

We are a world buckling under the weight of our own excesses.

Obesity is an epidemic and every generation throws up a diet that promises to change things, bend the rules, change our lives.

In 2010 - it is The Dukan Diet. I'd lost quite a bit, and after 3 weeks I've lost 11 kilos, which I am amazed at and very thrilled about." A diet designed by a French doctor and burning up a calorie trail of media hype and hope across 20 countries, this book has been translated into 10 languages, fast making it this generations Atkins Diet phenomenon.

So do its many advocates - 5 million French men and women. Among its disciples, JLo and Giselle. The way it works? A four phase attack on fat - spear headed by a no carbohydrate, all protein Kickstart.

But does it work? We asked the experts for their verdict:

The GP: "Two thumbs up in terms of rapid weight loss."

The Dietician: "I think there's good and bad components of the Dukan diet."

The Nutritionist: "It will give you a kickstart because it eliminates a lot of the fuel foods."

"For about five years I've been trying and this seems to be the best one so far." At 117 kgs Joanna Hamill was desperate, she's now been on the Dukan diet for 3 weeks. "I chose it because it seemed the easiest and the most, oh what's the word, user-friendly type of diet."

Incredibly, she's lost 11 kilograms, nearly 4 kilos a week. "When I'd found I'd lost so much I was really thrilled and having considered giving up, decided no, I was going to really stick to this." "We do know that you do lose weight most quickly with this sort of diet." If you are obese and need to lose weight quick its two thumbs up from GP Dr Ginni Mansberg, but not longer than 5 days.

"If its making you lose weight and your weight is causing you to have joint pains, back pain and put you at risk for diabetes its got to be a good thing to lose the weight" says Dr Mansberg. The research on the low carb diets like the Dukan diet has shown positive results for dieters.

"We were expecting this sort of diet that cholesterol would go through the roof, in fact the more recent studies show that not only does it not go through the roof but it drops a little bit as well" says Dr Mansberg. "The thing with a low carb diet is you get the initial weight loss primarily because you lose some of your fuel stores and also some water" says nutritionist, Dr Susie Burrell.

As a kickstart into weight loss its a tick from Nutritionist - Dr Susie Burrell. "The good thing about the Dukan diet is it does stick to clean food, whole foods, lean proteins, lots of vegetables." She believes its actually an improvement on the ATKINS diet. "The Atkins diet contains a lot of fatty food, fatty meat, oils, creams butters, whereas the Dukan Diet is quite a clean diet - the main issue is it is quite low in fuel foods so should be followed for only short period of time" adds Dr Burrell. But dietician, Joanne Turner says the Dukan is just the latest in quick fix Diet fads. "I think people want a quick fix that they don't actually have to think about and so that's why I think having a diet that gives you clear guidelines is what people are after. It's actually not always about the quickness, it's about making it easy."

So the details:

The first phase is called the Attack Phase. For 2 to 7 days eat as much as you want of 72 protein rich foods.

"Its a very high protein and in the first five days there's nothing but protein - there's hardly any vegetables - just a couple of spoons of oat bran and that's it" says Dr Mansberg.

The 2nd Phase - Cruising phase. Dukan dieters introduce unlimited amounts of vegetables with their lean meats and fish.

"From a nutritional aspect it's a much healthier way of eating, again reasonably strict and again you will continue to see that drop in fluid and further weight loss" says Dr Burrell.

The 3rd Phase - consolidation. Add fruit, cheese and starchy foods and celebration meals a week.

4th Phase - Stabilisation. Following the basic rules of phase 3 and continue maintaining weight loss.

"Yes I am confident, I am confident, and I'm confident that it will stay off, that I think is more important, because it's the yo-yoing I don't like the idea of. But because it has four parts to it, I think that I'll be able to stick to it quite happily" adds Joanna.

For more information visit: WWW.DUKANDIET.CO.UK

The Dukan Diet By Dr Pierre Dukan

Published By Hodder And Stoughton (RRP$29.99)