Beauty Queens

Reporter: Jasmine Homer

They're the Perth beauty buffs taking on the big-name brands from their own kitchens. Kylie Apostoles, Dianne Caine and Chantal Vanderhaeghen say they were fed up with toxic ingredients in skin care and make up. So they started making their own.

"I discovered that there were a lot of chemicals in the household so that made me start to think about what chemicals were in make up." Kylie Apostoles is a make-up artist who, like many Mums, started thinking a lot more about household chemicals when she had her first child. "I then started researching if it was at all possible to have a mineral make up brand that was 100 per cent pure minerals. As I was doing weddings and fashion shoots I realised there was a lot of girls with dry lips."

Armed with a pyrex jug and a saucepan, Kylie started experimenting. I had a vision of what I wanted it to smell and feel like and taste like and it took me about ten go's.

This is what she came up with - a natural lip scrub.

"Something that's cooked up in someone's kitchen's always a little bit of a leap of faith." Keira Pegley was the guinea pig.

"Our kids were about the same age and they were playing together and she had this delicious smelling scrub on the stove and I got roped into trying it out and I've been a convert ever since."

Now, Kylie has an entire make up range - Morgan Annie - named after her daughter and all made from pure minerals.

Kiera says "I've got really sensitive skin so if I put something on that's going to clog my pores, I break out and I get quite bad acne. Using Kylie's brand I've discovered that my skin actually feels a bit smoother and I don't get the break outs that I was getting." Kylie says "You will notice that your lips won't be so dry, your pores won't be clogged."

"I wanted to create a skin care that was Australian based for Australian skin." When Chantal Vanderhaegen started messing around with waxes and oils, she had no idea she would end up changing lives. "We've tried it on various other burns survivors and they've had similar results."

Chantal's products are based on essential oils. "To me the science is already there in nature and we've already got the proven history of it, we just haven't always done the trials."

Now, whether or not you think aromatherapy's a pile of rubbish, it's worth noting that in France, some doctors actually use essential oils to as medicines.

For Bali bombing survivor Peter Hughes, Chantal's products have been a medicine; the only thing that's worked on his skin. "You put the serum on and you put the melt on and you just felt like your skin oozed into it. It actually made it a lot softer, especially on the joints."

Chantal says "We've reduced his redness, and we have helped with the scarring from a point of view of the grafting, it's hydrated and by hydrating his skin it's helping it not contract and for him that's exciting."

"My first ingredient on all my bottles my first ingredient is love." Dianne Caine's story really is as much about a mother's love as it is about skin care.

When her six year old daughter Jessica was diagnosed with an inoperable brain tumour, Dianne threw herself into research, looking for anything that might save her little girl's life. What she discovered was an astounding number of harmful chemicals in everyday, round-the-house products.

"Hair products, there's a lot of toxic chemicals, we wash our hair and it runs down all over our bodies.Sodium laural sulphate. It's a car degreaser why would we want to use a car degreaser on our bodies."

Dianne's turned her research into a booming beauty trade.

Skin care, hair care and make up - all free of nasty chemicals.

"I make it all here myself I work probably ten hour days but love every minute of it"

And her best customer - Jessica, now 26 and doing well. "It's been amazing just seeing it come from something so small and now to something so big, getting it all into the shops and everything."

And Jess it's all because of you, you've been the inspiration for all of it, how does that make you feel? "Oh good, I'm glad she got into it, it's letting other people know what's in other skin care products not to use."

Dianne says "I would not be sitting here today or doing it today if it wasn't for Jess."

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