BBQ Snags

Reporter: Jonathan Creek

It's fair to say the humble bbq has come a long way. First gas was a luxury, then four burners anointed you the neighbourhood king. Now it's about the "outdoor room" complete with wok burner, fridge, even the kitchen sink.

Ranging from $200 through to $7000 a new Gas BBQ can cost the same as a new kitchen. But as Brian Rodrick from BBQ's Galore points out it's all about the one that best meets your needs.

"Look really size is the big one you want to make sure you're getting the size to cater for the amount of people you need to cater for and the other thing is the type of cooking you're doing, if you're an avid steak fan you want to get a BBQ that is powerful for something like our Turbo range its a really powerful BBQ and its going to enable you to sear your steak really well.

This is our 2 burner patio master. designed for smaller areas balconies courtyard etc and designed for cooking for smaller groups. At 4250 dollars this entry level but you are still getting roasting hoods trays shelves, honestly it's really good value. But fork out an extra $50 dollars and you can have twice as many burners with the Down under.

The most popular on the market right now is the beefmaster for $800 you get six burners and little something special for the ladies."

Brian what's this for? "maybe the wife wants to stir fry up some vegetables. You can get her outside if you need to. If you want to impress your friends this is the ultimate bbq experience right here. For $6895 this as good as it gets, the ease and long life of stainless steel mounted in it's own granite bench top.

This is our turbo elite island, wow what a set up so you get your full five burner elite turbo bbq on here top of the range it is well and truly your full outdoor kitchen. Using cross ray technology the ODEON is in a league of it's own. Special ceramic panels reduce the smoke, a guaranteed BBQ stopper in anyone's backyard.

Brian continues "

Melanie we have been in search of the best BBQ now the trick is to find the best sausage to put on it? true and there are a lot of options whether you buy them from the supermarket, butcher or market.

When it's comes to hosting a BBQ you may want to think twice about inviting a Dietician. Melanie Mc Grice explains when it comes to nutrition the "mystery bag" can be full of surprises.

By law a sausage only has to have 30% meat. The thinner a sausage is the more fat we are going to be able to get out of it.

So we decided to put sausages to the test. Supermarket Budget buys, Butcher Mid range, Heart smart and Gourmet and we'll leave it to the Health expert to be the judge.

Sausage King Steve Hack claims not all sausages should be treated the same.

So when the heat was on how did our sausages stack up?

As expected the heart smart was the best for you, the most meat and lowest fat and salt content. The cheapest had less fat than the gourmet but more salt, creating a second place draw. While the butcher's contained less of both per 100 grams it's serving size set off Melanie's Alarm bells.

On your bottom of the range BBQ your materials aren't as thick and they tend to be a bit harder to clean so when you head up to your top of the range BBQ your materials are a lot thicker and a lot easier to clean and produce a lot more heat and they are going to cook a lot more easier and going to last a lot longer."