You might not remember what you ate at this age... what you liked and didn't like.. but what babies are fed at this early stage could have a baring on the rest of their lives.Anthea Downborough and Jan Lettenmaier are child health nurses turned authors... after years of offering advice and fielding questions from new parents about what to feed babies they decided to launch Baby Tastes.

Anthea and Jan have developed and tested recipies for babys and toddlers... they might be some of the simpliest recipes you'll ever come across but they might also be the most important. Anthea and Jan say parents should introduce solids at about 6 months of age... depending on the development of the baby. Jan says one of the biggest hurdles for parents going from puree to lumpy foods is baby gagging... it's a normal response but often sends parents rushing back to purees

Baby tastes also has recipes and advice for incorporating tiny tastebuds into the family meal without too much fuss

but if you're hankering for a meal out... babytastes is also on line and incorporates restaurant reviews from parents who've tried kid friendly menus and restaurants